A New Hurdle – A Carepage Post

Posted Jul 7, 2009 6:14pm

In spite of the good news in the last post, Rosario still has some hurdles to clear. First and foremost is the transition from intravenous pain medication to oral pain medication. Rosario has never been able to tolerate oral pain medication. When she had kidney stones, she had a terrible experience. It doesn’t matter if her stomach is full or empty, whether the medication is cut up in little pieces – she cannot keep the stuff down. We had a meeting with the surgeon and nurse. They did not have any good alternatives. She had some liquid stool softener which burned her throat. Vomiting is not good for her esophagus either. Rosario has a lot of anxiety right now regarding the oral medication due to her past experiences.

Please pray that Rose can tolerate the medication, can keep it down, and that the pain will be managed.

Thank you,

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