Anticipation – A Carepage Post

Posted Jul 9, 2009 2:43pm

Rosario had a difficult night sleep-wise. She had some congestion that loosened up in her lungs that “popped loose.” The doctors came in to make sure there was no leakage and then ordered a chest x-ray to be certain. Her lungs are clear. She has been spitting up lots of phlegm after the breathing treatments, which is the whole idea of the treatments. After her treatment, today the respiratory therapist said her lungs sound great. Rosario gave a thumbs-up. Rosario also had a test this morning – a scan for blood clots – she has a history for those – no blood clots. God is good.

We are anticipating discharge later today. The surgeon collared me last night in the cafeteria. He is Italian and his English is heavy on the accent. He said, “Chest no leak. She okay, she can go.”

News Flash!!! The docs just came into the room. We are being discharged today. We have to scramble. More later. Woo Hoo!!! Alleluia!!!

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