Explaining Danny and the Cast – A Carepage Post

Posted Jul 22, 2009 6:53pm

Explaining Danny and the cast of caregivers

Many of you might be wondering who Danny is and why Rose is staying in his apartment. Some of you might think the situation looks a bit awkward. Rose and Danny have known each other for about five years and have always related as brother and sister.

Since she came to L.A., Danny has been Rose’s big brother in the Lord, her guardian angel. On the day of the incident, however, Danny the Archangel was in Hawaii on vacation with his brother and his family. Even Danny has not yet learned the feat of bi-location (he only has one wing so far). As soon as he learned of the incident, Danny tried to contact the family (and eventually did) before flying home on the next flight. For now, Rose is staying at Danny’s place. As he said in an earlier post, he is between jobs and has the time to be a full time caregiver.

There is a whole cast of caregivers: Manal, Maggie, Tiffani and also Mark, who stayed with Rose at the hospital almost non-stop those first critical days. I hesitate to mention any names because it is impossible to mention everyone from Act One, St. Victors, LAPS and others. We, as a family, are so grateful to those who have come forward to care and offer care for our daughter. As job and time requirements change, so will those taking care of her. Now, it’s Danny’s turn (with Maggie and others.) The goal is to get Rose into her own apartment as soon as she is able.

As a family, we look at Danny as a son and brother and all the caregivers as angels of the Lord. We hope everyone else does also.

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