Fist Pump – A Carepage Post

Posted Jul 11, 2009 3:18pm

Sorry for the delay in posting. I haven’t had internet access until now. To reiterate Cecilia’s last post, when Rosario got all dressed up to leave the hospital, she indeed looked stunning. To see her smile was to see the sun, the moon and the stars all at once.

While we were waiting for the discharge papers, we took pictures and then Rosario said, “I haven’t named the puppy.” The puppy is this plush, very soft stuffed dog given to her by one of her friends. “What should I name him”. I blurted out, ” how about Oscar Trauma?” Oscar Trauma was her alias in the hospital to protect her identity. Rosario said, “Oscar Trauma it is or OT for short.”

When the papers came, we carted up the forest of flowers, the shrine, and all the cards and gifts. I ran with her suitcase to the parking ramp and retrieved the car. By the time I got to the discharge/loading area Rosario was being wheeled out. She had that million dollar smile and was giving these little victory fist pumps. I swallowed the lump in my throat and unlocked the door. The aide helped her into the car and we took off, leaving poor Danny, our Sancho Panza, to load up the luggage in his car.

We went to the condo for the first night.(Thank you Mr. B. for generously giving us the use of your apartment.) Rosario was to stay there one night. I had to leave for my flight early Friday. The next day Danny and Manal would take over and move Rosario to Manal’s family’s home where Rosario will stay until she is strong enough to go to her own place.

Leaving Rosario to go the airport was truly the most difficult thing I have done in my life after spending every night in her hospital attending to her. I went however, knowing that her LA family would take care of her. I spoke to Rosario today and she said she is glad to be in a family home. Manal’s mother is a retired nurse and asked Rosario all the right questions about her care and her needs. Manal has been making sure she takes her walks and does the breathing exercises. Rosario said she got two balls in the air for the first time.

Rosario still has some hills to climb to regain strength and renew her lungs. Her friends – no – her brothers and sisters in Christ will be there every step of the way to help her.

I just want thank everyone who has helped us as a family, those in LA and those back home. We could not have coped with this on our own. We are truly joined together in the Body of Christ.

On behalf of Rosario, I want to thank the doctors and their skills, the nurses and CPs for their gentle care and compassion.

This is not the end, this is only the beginning. More posts to come.

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