Friday Morning – A Carepage Post

Posted Jul 3, 2009 9:25am

It still seem so surreal that I am sitting by my sister’s bedside in a hospital. But here I sit.

Rosario is looking as fabulous as ever. Yesterday was good by difficult, as she is in a lot of pain. Some of the extra stuff on her arms and hands were removed and she has been able to move her arms a lot. Yesterday, if you remember, she was was using her suction tube as a scepter, but she was also able to make the sign of the cross when the chaplain came to anoint her. There was too much going on to get her up and walking again so that is the goal for today.

The doctors inserted a PIC line into Rosario’s arm. They are hoping to start her on a nutrient filled IV today that will go into her blood stream via the PIC line. Rosario told me this morning that she really hopes the nutrition will give her more strength so she won’t be so tired. She did sleep a lot yesterday!

One of her doctors was in about twenty minutes ago, and again mentioned the hope to move Rosario from the Surgical ICU into a private room. This would be a HUGE step as it would technically upgrade her condition from critical to stable. Plus it would mean the nurses wouldn’t check on her as frequently during the night, which means more sleep!

My parents and I met several people yesterday, including her friend Chris who was the one who found her in the hospital. It meant a lot to us that we could thank him in person. Chris was following a hunch when tracking her down. He had heard commotion and hadn’t been able to get a hold of Rose. Praise God for his persistence!!

We also met some of Rosario’s friends from Act One, Inc., who have graciously set up a fund for Rose’s medical needs. Since she has been involved in ministry, she is uninsured. Her friends at Act One want to make sure Rosario is focused on her recovery instead of looming medical bills. Here is the website they have set up for people to contribute to Rosario:

I will have an address later today for those who want to send cards. Thanks again for everything!



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