Fun With Technology – A Carepage Post

Posted Jul 17, 2009 9:24pm

Today, I was able to iChat with Rosario and Danny (but mostly Rosario)! It was great! Most of the time I just stared at my beautiful sister’s face. I was smiling so big, she kept making fun of my dimple.

“Your dimple is so big right now!” she said. “Look – it’s this big!” She demonstrated by pressing her finger into her cheek. Rosario looked ridiculous, and it made us laugh.

I loved being a part of her afternoon for a little while. When she did her breathing treatment, I got to keep track of how many times she did it. I thank the Lord for the technology that allows me to be close to my sister even when we are separated by hundreds of miles!

My favorite part of our iChat was when I asked Rose what time it was over there. She looked to her left and said very slowly, “Um… it’s… five… five… something…”

“Obviously it’s not a digital clock,” I said, knowing my sister’s distaste for analog clocks.

She grinned and shook her head. I felt bad for making her laugh so hard, but it was too good to pass up! We spent a lot of time laughing about that and mocking Danny (But don’t tell him! He’s such a good sport!)

On a more serious note, Rosario did want to reiterate her gratitude for everyone’s prayers. She truly feels them working and asks that you keep them coming. Even though Rose is doing remarkably well, she still has difficult moments. Last night, for instance, was rather difficult. Rosario had a lot of discomfort and wasn’t able to sleep. She finally fell asleep around 4AM. Despite the rough night, Rose said she had a pretty good day. Please, please, please keep praying for her and her caretakers. Your prayers are vital to Rosario’s recovery. And remember that we are keeping you in our prayers, too.

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