Great Weekend! – A Carepage Post

Posted Jul 27, 2009 5:06pm

Hi, it’s Danny again.

Rose had a good weekend! I actually had to head down to San Diego for business, so Marianne came to stay with Rose.

It kind of started Thursday when Manal decided to surprise Rose with an in-home manicure/pedicure!!! You should have seen Rose!! She was so serene, she was just glowing… almost as much as her hands and feet! 🙂

Friday evening Tiffany and Theresa came by… They were able to help Rose take a shower and have some laughs and just general girl talk! Rose loved every minute of it.

On Saturday Marianne & Rose went out to run errands. They went by Rose’s apartment to pick up some things… of course, since they were near by… they just HAD to go to Nordstroms so Rose could replenish her makeup supply 🙂

When she got back home she iChatted with Ceci and tons of family and friends during Ceci’s big 30th birthday party… Rose was so happy and energized to see all of her most precious loved ones!

Sunday we went to 5:15 mass, then Melissa came by and had some girl time with Rose.. I got out of their hair for a couple of hours, then the three of us watched “Strictly Ballroom” one of Rose’s favorites!!!

Some new developments… . Rose was able to have three normal yawns on Sunday morning… this is important because it means her lung capacity is building up! Later Sunday evening, Rose was able to get the third ball to move 5 out of ten times on her breathing exercise thingy!!! This was a big deal because for the longest time she had trouble getting even the second ball up… Wooo Hooo!!!

Also, her appetite seems to be returning slowly…. which is nice to see… She really seems to do best when she has her beloved friends over… as you can imagine … she is so social that it engages her and keeps her mind off of her daily struggles!

Please keep the prayers coming… Rose always comments on how she can feel them!


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