High Noon – A Carepages Post

Posted Jul 2, 2009 3:04pm

It’s Thursday afternoon, and Rosario is taking a nap after being read all of the carepage messages. In the middle of reading her the messages, I was pulled into a meeting with the social worker and my parents, so Danny took over. Lucky Rose – Danny’s voice is much more soothing than mine. She was very touched by everyone’s kind words and prayers.

Rosario is in great spirits today. She was given a suction tube to help clear the phlegm from her throat and is using it as a scepter. She was waving it around as she talked and was pointing it at people to scold them (mainly Dad and Danny).

Her beautifully groomed eyebrows are the talk of the hospital. Everyone, at least the women, keep asking what her secret is and where she gets them done. She held her hand out as if to say *Whatever* and then said, “Oh, please… Well Jesus must have worked a miracle on my eyebrows, because I plucked them on Monday, but didn’t think I did a great job.” They honestly look fabulous. Leave it to Rosario to look stunning while being surrounded by tubes and machines.

Poor Dad does not get this sort of chatter, and keeps rolling his eyes, which is why Rose is shaking her scepter/suction tube at him. She is keeping us laughing!

Thanks again for your messages. Please keep them coming – they are a great comfort to Rosario and us as well.


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