Last Week’s Appointment – A Carepage Post

Posted Aug 10, 2009 12:30pm

Rosario had another doctor appointment last Thursday. They told her not to come back. Hurray! Her incision and chest wounds are healed, and Rosario has been doing really well off the pain meds. She is allowed to take over the counter meds, drink wine and eat whatever she wants! You can imagine how excited Rosario was to get that news!

She still has a long road of recovery ahead, and unfortunately, the doctors weren’t able to give her much of a time line for her recovery. They said most people who experienced similar trauma to the esophagus did not survive, and Rosario is now their case study. This is again proof of the miracle that is Rosario.

They did caution her about long term care and being aware of acid reflux and any injury to the esophagus that may cause complications. They also told Rosario to take care not to get pneumonia, as it too could cause complications.

Here is an excerpt from an email I received from Rosario’s friend, Melissa:
“This week without medication Rosario has been to dinner, a movie and shopping. She is regaining her independence but still has muscle soreness probably due to the muscle tissue taken to reinforce the esophagus. Continue to cover her in prayer for the physical, psychological and spiritual aspects. Specifically for the esophagus and fear.”

Thank you again for your continued prayer! Be assured that your prayer, individual and collective, make a profound impact on Rosario’s recovery.

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