Medication problem solved – A Carepage Post

Posted Jul 8, 2009 7:02pm

Rosario took an elixir form of pain medication and it stayed down. Praise the Lord.

Last night two friends, Manal and Tiffany, came with lotions, dry shampoo, pedicure and other girly stuff. They also brought some fresh fruit and veggies. They treated Rose to a relaxing time of hair brushing, lotions, and girl talk. There was way too much estrogen in the room, so I booked out of there and went to the cafeteria. When I came back up, a friend of Rose’s, Mark, was waiting for me in the family waiting area. He had poked his head into the room said “hi”, thought the better of it and came out to wait for me. While Rose had her “girl friends”, I had a guy to talk to. It was a nice change.

Rosario may be ready for discharge soon. The trauma docs think she is ready. The nephrologist wants to wait for a calorie count to make sure she is not nutritionally at risk. We saw the social worker and she is playing defense for us to make sure Rosario will be ready for discharge. We are scrambling to make sure she has a good place to go and recuperate. I’ve been assured by Rosario’s friends that they will take care of everything as I have to leave early Friday morning. I have confidence that they will.

Earlier, Rosario had the staples removed from her incision. At this moment, Rosario is tired. She had a breathing treatment and just got some pain medication and is resting.

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