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Posted Aug 10, 2009 7:21pm

Hi Everyone… it’s Danny..

Sorry i haven’t posted in a while…

The past week or so has been an amazing journey. As you may have read in a previous post, Rosario had quite a battle with the pain meds and then coming off of them and all the side effects that involves. BUT the decision to get off the pain meds has proven very fruitful… Sunday night/Monday was the peak of the withdrawal symptoms… it was really hard… lot’s of nausea/vomiting/insomnia/mood swings/fear/ and other things… we had felt that after the peak, things would level off in a couple days… it’s difficult to tell because everyone’s reaction is different. But that IS how it worked out… here is the timeline…

(While on the Hydrocodon,e Rose was experiencing the following side effects.. nausea, difficulty urinating, grogginess, constipation, muscle stiffness, loss of appetite, dry mouth. )

Aug. 1st, Saturday-evening… Rose decides to go off the hydrocodone pain meds and switch to straight liquid Tylenol (acetaminophen).

Aug. 2nd Sunday morning. Rose feels pretty good. She has her first normal bowel movement. Wooo Hooo!

Aug. 2nd Sunday Evening… Rose begins to feel the withdrawal effects listed above …heavy mood swings, nausea, vomiting, etc…
she cannot hold any food down. nor can she hold down the tylenol. OH… and not much sleep!

Aug 3rd. Monday.. more nausea, vomiting and the added bonus of diarrhea. Can’t eat much, and doesn’t even attempt to take the tylenol.

Aug. 4th. Tuesday.. More of the same BUT the symptoms seem to be waning. We are taking her temperature several times a day to make sure that she doesn’t have an infection. Her urination is returning to normal!! She is eating a bit more but not much at all. Still no pain meds at all. She is surprised that she is still able to move fairly well…. and even though she is in more pain in some ways, she is in less pain in other ways… strange. She can wash her own hair and needs very little assistance in the shower (Melissa helps with that). She is much more alert today and she likes this! Did well most of the day but got sick Tuesday evening. šŸ˜¦

Aug 5th. Wednesday… Today is the first day that she doesn’t vomit. After talking to her Dad, who told her not to be afraid to eat… or to throw up… (he said if you throw up you throw up but you have to eat… ) Rose began to eat… and hold it down! She is sleeping better each night, Normal urination, diminished nausea. In fact she is really starting to feel good. And because she is more alert and feeling better, she is getting anxious to get out of my tiny apartment… OK fine… So we went out to dinner (a first) and to a movie (another first) she was out of the house almost four hours!!!! She got emotional about it at dinner… “I’m alive!… and I’m eating at a restaurant!!!” *tears*

Aug. 6th. Thursday… I had to work all day, so Melissa S. and Maggie took Rose to her Doctor appointment and got her back home and showered up. So I call home to make sure everything went well at the appointment and Rose is not home! Where is she ? With Maggie hanging out at the Grove / Farmers Market! She apparently had a taste for crepes and enchiladas! Easy there, speedy!” Also she had a couple of visitors who brought yet more movies over! Still feeling good no vomiting. We all really feel like she’s really over the hump!! Especially since the doctors said that they don’t need to do any more follow ups !!!! Thursday night, Rose and I immediately began planning a trip back to Michigan! We can’t wait to blow this town!

Aug 7th. Friday… another great day ..feeling better and better! We make a trip to the bank and in the evening Tiff and Theresa came over for a girls night… I went out to eat by myself… had a lovely piece of salmon- oh sorry this isn’t about me- I forget.

Aug. 8th Saturday… Rose and I went to her apartment and packed up all her stuff. We had to get it out of there because the apartment is being vacated. In the evening, the school at which Rose used to work, Act One, was having a dinner for the end of the term. They asked Rosario to come by and to bring me along… Well it happened to be at a restaurant which is literally 75 yards from where we are staying. It also happens to be right across the street from the exact spot where the original incident happened. Act One did not know this when they booked the space.. this is a big city and we are no where near Act One… weird? Maybe not.

Now, Rose had not been by the scene of the crime yet. I had been feeling, for some reason, that it was important for Rose to go by there, and I think she did too. I figured the longer she waited the more opportunity there was for fear to grow. It occurred to me, since many of her best prayer warrior friends & supporters from Act One would be right there, that maybe she could go there with the support and prayers of the staff of Act One and myself right there for her. She said that she could do it! We asked Gary, his wife, Vicki & her husband, Melissa & her husband, Terrence, Genevieve and a couple others to walk with us across the street to the scene of the crime with us. They agreed. Rosario was able to stand right on the corner where it happened. We all surrounded her and prayed. Gary started out the prayer and everyone contributed their own verses. We prayed for Rose, for her strength and continued healing, we thanked God for all that He had done for her thus far. We prayed for the person who actually committed the crime and those who were accomplices. Needless to say, it was a very emotional moment for Rosario and all of us as well. Rose felt it was good and felt a lot of peace about confronting the crime scene this way.

Many thanks to all who were there for her both physically and spiritually!!

Sunday was incredibly normal! Which is what Rose craves most these days. We relaxed and went to church in the evening. Then we visited friends at the “after mass”. After that went went out to eat… again! Rose had her first couple of sips of wine! Another first… and I was determined to get her to eat one of her favorite foods.. ice cream. So we got home, put on a movie, “Return to Me”… one of her favorites… and I went out and picked up some ice cream… success… got her with the old Haagen Daaz caramel cone ice cream! She didn’t eat as much as me … she never does… but still she ate some! Pretty normal, Rose!

SO… even though things are getting better… Rosario still needs your prayers!! She will have to face many more battles physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually… so PLEASE keep the prayers coming… they are working so well!

God Bless You all!

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