On Track – A Carepage Post

Posted Jul 6, 2009 9:02am

Rosario had a fairly decent night even though she and I didn’t sleep much. We used a timer on the phone to trigger the pain medication. She was able to manage the pain much better. Before, she would get into a deficit where the pain was not bearable and then dose herself into oblivion. If we can keep resetting the timer, she will be on more of an even keel.

The doctors will be sending Rose for an upper GI exam to check the healing progress on the esophagus. The swelling in her legs are way down. She is getting skinny again. Also, they think they will be able to remove one or two of the chest tubes today. That’s the good news. What’s not so good is her healing body is now very sensitive to touch and pain, so any movement of tubes or other apparatus is painful.

Rosario is getting noticeably stronger every day. When she hasn’t just been dosed with pain medication she is now more lucid and her voice, though still a little weak is stronger.

Whenever a nurse or doctor or aide completes a task or fulfills a request, she politely thanks them no matter how much she is hurting at the moment.

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