Please Pray! – A Carepage Post

Posted Jul 30, 2009 2:40pm

Hi ya’ll! It’s me, Maggie. Rosario and I just got back from her doctor’s appointment. She’s been feeling nausous (I totally spelled that wrong) and threw up last night. This morning we were late to the appointment because she was not feeling well and was tossing her breakfast. We did eventually manage to get out the door and to the doctor. While sitting in the doctor’s office, the dry heaves came. The doctor sounded concerned. He said she was not out of the woods and may get an infection. So, he scheduled an appointment to see her again next week to keep a good eye on her. Please pray that infection doesn’t come into play and that she be relieved of pain and other bodily set backs. Rose is very nervous about the possibility of infection.

On a beautiful note, we got to see Dr.Massimo. He showed us pictures of her esophagus before and after the surgery. He said “look at your medal”. You can see Rosario’s medal with Our Lady of Guadalupe and you can faintly see Our Lady 🙂 BEAUTIFUL! Thank you Mother Mary! Dr.Massimo also gave Rose some trendy exercise moves. Watch out P90X, Rose will give you a run for your money.

When we got home, she walked all the stairs up to the apartment. Rockstar!

This is the first time I’ve seen Rose in over a week at least. I can definately tell she’s getting stronger. She seems a bit discouraged and afraid that she’s having set backs, but the healing process is going to take time. Baby steps Oscar. Baby steps. Oh wait. Actually she’s no longer Oscar. She officially changed her name back to Rosario Guadelupe Rodriguez Schwartz while at the hospital today.

Thank you for the prayers!


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