Progess – Slow But Steady = A Carepage Post

Posted Sep 18, 2009 2:15pm

Hey there, family and friends!

I apologize for the lack of updates and email notifications. CarePages has been having issues with the emails. Even if you don’t receive a notification, please feel free to visit the site and leave messages for Rosario.

We’ve reached a ‘slow and steady’ point on Rosario’s road to recovery. This has been good and bad. The ups and downs are not as volitle, but her day-to-day improvement isn’t as noticable, which can trick us into thinking there is no improvement. (This is when Rose needs your wonderful notes of encouragement and prayer to keep her spirits up.)

There isn’t too much to report. Rosario has had some busy weekends visiting family, going to a friend’s wedding, being part of our cheering section at performances, etc. She even got to see the Celebration on the Grand fireworks last week! (We weren’t sure how Rosario would do with the sound of the fireworks, but she was ok.)

The weekdays are tough since most of Rose’s family and friends are at work. There isn’t much she can do yet, which makes for long, boring days. Please pray that we can find something productive for Rosario to do as she continues her recovery.

Also, be sure to check out the photo gallery. We’ve uploaded some more picutres. It is important to realize that even though Rose looks like her amazingly fabulous self, she is still in a lot of pain.

Please keep the prayers and messages coming!

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