Progress not perfection – A Carepage Post

Posted Jul 15, 2009 3:12am

In spite of all the difficulties she faces, Rosario continues to get stronger and stronger…
Today, though, was a difficult day for Rosario. On top of a recurring digestion issue which is uncomfortable, nauseating and as Rosario says, “just plain gross”… I think she is just now starting to feel the emotion of the situation. One by one her family has had to get back to their lives in Michigan. And although we try very hard to be her family out here… Alas, we are not. Who could be an adequate substitute for any family member, let alone one of the most loving families I’ve met??? No one.

So it is completely understandable that she would be emotional. She told me how emotional she had been all day today… I told her that she never really has had the opportunity to cry over all that has happened… And she certainly has a lot to cry about… Those are hard earned tears! I told her that maybe it’s time to let it out. Ok, yes, I freely admit that I am a man who believes that crying is a good thing… I mean God did give us tear ducts & emotions!! C’mon people!!!

Why do I write all of this??? Just so you will all remain as generous with your prayers and support as you have been. There are hurtles ahead , some physical, some emotional, some mental… All equally difficult in their own way… So please, keep up the good work you are all doing with your prayers and messages! Rosario takes such solace in them!!

Lots of good stuff is happening too…

If ever there was a comfortable home away from home, it is where she is staying now. Rosario is so grateful to her generous host family! She is overwhelmed by their hospitality. Wonderful home cooked meals, a beautifully landscaped backyard and a lot of love, joy & compassion are what surround Rosario here. Yesterday she and I walked through the large back yard and sat on a small retaining wall. She was able to support her weight for quite awhile with no back rest. While we were sitting there I was doing everything I could to make her laugh and it happened again… She laughed and snorted!!! She was so happy, as was I… She said she felt like she got part of herself back. 🙂

She is also able to get in and out of bed by herself (with great effort). She was even able to shave her legs ( thank goodness 😉 ) and get up out of a very low squishy couch that I have trouble getting up out of ( please no wise cracks )

So… she’s really doing well… But it is really hard.
Progress not perfection….

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