Smiling through it all – A Carepage Post

Posted Jul 24, 2009 6:20am

Angie and I had a video chat with Rosario yesterday. Rose looked good even though she said she needed a shower and didn’t have any makeup on. She didn’t sound as wheezy as she has in the past.

While we were chatting, Rose did her breathing exercises. She managed to get two balls all the way up, 10 times. We cheered and told her she wins the grand prize!

Rose is still having trouble eating and also digestive issues to put it delicately. She has these burps or hiccups from the aforementioned digestive issues, which make her grimace in pain, although she tries to smile through it and turn the grimace into a smile. It hurts to see her hurt.

Sometimes she gets discouraged at still not being able to do the simple things like open a can of chicken noodle soup. We tell her to focus on the positive and on the progress she has made. To see her in the video chat and do her breathing exercises is proof of the progress she has made.

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