somewhere between wednesday and thursday – A Carepages Post

Posted Jul 2, 2009 1:11am

According to my body, it is Thursday. According to the current time zone, it is Wednesday. I know I should be asleep, but I wanted to send a quick update.

My parents and I made it safely to LA. We were able to see Rosario this afternoon. She went for her first walk just before we arrived and was exhausted!

She looks amazing considering the harrowing ordeal she has been through, but I still wasn’t prepared to see my sister hooked up to all kinds of machines. I knew she would be but knowing and seeing are very different. And she really isn’t hooked up to a lot. She has a few chest tubes to drain fluid from around her lungs; she has an IV and a heart monitor and blood pressure thing. It’s not a lot, but it was a bit overwhelming.

A priest came to pray with her while we were there. My parents and the priest were by her bedside, while her friends, Mark and Danny, and I were just outside the door. (She is only allowed two visitors at a time, but was able to get away with having both Mom and Dad along with Father.)

Danny, who picked me up from the airport, helped us get settled after getting a bite to eat. We went back to the hospital for another visit. Several more friends were there to see Rosario. Her friend, Ed, brought his laptop and read her the messages left on her Facebook. She was very encouraged!! (Tomorrow, I’ll read her the messages from here!)

Rose was much more alert this evening. When Danny and I were in the room with here, she was teasing both of us (but mostly Danny). It was great to see her sense of humor in spite of her pain.

Our exhausted parents went back to the condo, while I settled in with my computer for an overnight at the hospital. And here I find myself: somewhere between Wednesday and Thursday. I am amazed I am still functioning! Only by God’s grace and your prayers! Please keep it up. We are ever so grateful. Seriously, all Rosario keeps saying is “thank you”.

So on behalf of Rosario, our parents, siblings and myself: Thank you!!!


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