Upgraded to the Penthouse – A Carepage Post

Posted Jul 4, 2009 8:49am

Rosario has been officially upgraded to stable! She moved into her new penthouse room around 6:30 yesterday evening.

She was rather tired yesterday and the move whipped her out. Her system went thorough a lot – she walked around the entire ICU unit in the morning, there was her move out of ICU, TPN (the nutrient-rich IV) was introduced to her system, lipids (fats that go along with the TPN)were also added to her “diet”. On top of that, her pain medication was altered: she is now on morphine (don’t remember what she was on before but it was stronger than morphine) and an anti-inflammatory, which her ICU nurse, Bethany, described as a Superman Ibuprofen. This seems to be keeping the pain under control, but there are times when it is unbearable. These times are the worst because the pain makes it hard for her to breathe. Hopefully, with the new pain med combo and the TPN, she will have more energy today.

Last night, Mom, Dad and I had the opportunity to have dinner with some or Rosario’s close friends. We had met some of them during the week as they would come visit, but there were a few we hadn’t met yet. It meant the world to us to be able to meet Rose’s LA family and thank them in person. The Lord has surrounded Rosario with an amazing group of people.

I go home today, but my dad and I will continue to update the carepage: him from LA and me from GR.

Thank you for your continued care and concern for my sister.

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