Visit to the doc – A Carepage Post

Posted Jul 16, 2009 8:07pm

Hi all! Rosario’s friend Maggie here! Cecilia gave me the power to send updates! Awesome!

Today was Rosario’s first doctor’s appointment since she was released from the hospital. I met her about an hour before the appointment to get all dolled up! Rosario looks great without makeup and she looks great with it 🙂 She is so blessed!

Danny, Rosario and I made our way to the Speilberg building. After getting all signed in and what not, we sat in the waiting room next to a little kid who told us where the best place to get yogurt is, all the flavors they have and that celebs hang out there. He couldn’t remember the name, but said it’s close to McDonalds and the pet store. Maybe someday we’ll find it and rub elbows with the celebs 🙂

After a short wait, Oscar’s name was called. The first doctor she saw was great. Rosario’s been taking smaller doses of the pain medication because she only had one bottle, but the doctor said she needs to take it to help her get through her breathing exercises and other things such as lifting her arms and making those muscles stronger. So she was prescribed another bottle and Danny will surely push her to the max on those exercises 🙂 The doctor also described what her muscles went through during surgery. It explains a lot of the soreness.

Then Dr.Massimo (don’t remember last name) came in and removed the sutures. He is a lovely lovely doctor. He closed the curtain so we couldn’t see (phew!). Rosario just said “Ouch!” about twice. She was a trouper! She said she truly felt everyone’s prayers. The doctor almost left without removing the sutures on her left side, but she was like “hey, don’t leave, I still have more on the other side!”. I don’t know if those were her exact words, but you get the idea 🙂 Dr.Massimo reiterated that it’s a miracle the way the bullet traveled through Rosario. He said it was like the bullet wove through the vital organs saying “excuse me. excuse me. excuse me.”.

Then Dr.Allins came in and checked her out. He said she looked good 🙂 He said she can incorporate harder foods into her diet as long as she can chew them up til they’re a soft consistency.

The doctor’s also said she will most likely set the metal detectors off at the airport.

By the time we were done at the doctor, Rosario was getting hungry. We headed to Whole Foods and Rosario went inside! It was really a beautiful moment. She said “I’m at Whole Foods. I’m alive.”. It was a bit emotional. I think we both had the potential to cry, but we kept it together and forged on for some groceries!

We got some quiche from the hot foods section for lunch. We took it back to Danny’s place and ate. Rosario did a pretty good job of eating. By this time, she was tired, so I took off and she most likely crashed.

I hope I didn’t miss anything, tell too much, tell anything wrong or confuse you all. Rosario? Danny? What are your sides of the story? Ha!

Keep up the prayers! They work wonders!


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