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The Great Crap Discourse

Here is an amusing story from Rosario’s stay in the hospital:

The Great Crap Discourse

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New seasons = New challenges, Posted Oct 7, 2009 on Carepages

Hello, all!

The autumn season has descended on Michigan with its fabulous fall colors and not-so-fabulous cooler temperatures. The changing weather has brought new challenges to Rosario’s recovery.

Rose has always been a Michigan winter wimp (She will tell you so herself), and the mild temps have already started to affect her. It hasn’t been easy for Rosario to get her exercise, which has been walking around the neighborhood with Angelica. Sure Rose can bundle up, but her muscles start to tense up if she is outside for long periods of time. She is still in a lot of pain and cold, tense muscles not only add to the pain but it tires her out a lot faster. Plus, if she gets too cold she might start to shiver. I don’t even want to think about the pain that would inflict on Rosario!

Another concern is the flu and cold season. Rose’s lungs are still weak and we have to do everything we can to keep her from getting sick, even if it means sending her to a ‘safe house’. Rosario has been staying with our aunt and uncle this past week because Rita, who shares a room with Rose, has a horrific cold. Please pray that Rosario will be protected from all illnesses!

Rosario had a massage last week, which was fabulous! Her masseur, Maranda, was ever so gentle around the incision area and was able to work out major knots in Rosario’s shoulders, neck and back. Maranda also had a lot of good advice for Rose as far as her injured muscles.

We have been concerned about her muscle, but because Rosario is uninsured, she hasn’t had any physical therapy. Thankfully, the Lord has provided generous friends who have experience is this area and who have graciously offered help. Rose has a few new exercises to do. Also, she has figured out her energy endurance time. Whenever Rosario has a surge of energy, she tends to overdo it and then is completely wiped out. She has energy for about forty-five minutes and is making an effort to keep her activities to about thirty minutes or so. That way she won’t be completely drained and will hopefully be able to build her endurance.

There are a lot of little things Rosario is working on. She is still too overwhelmed to respond to all of your emails and messages individually, but please know that she reads them and is very grateful for your encouragement and continued prayers.

Today is the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary, for whom Rosario was named. Please ask for Our Lady’s special intercession for Rosario today on this beautiful feast!

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