From March 2: Face to Face

Today Rosario is flying to California for a preliminary hearing. There she will see her assailant face to face. On Thursday, Rosario will testify to the events which led to her being rushed to the hospital in an ambulance, undergoing surgery for eight hours, repairing holes to her esophagus and lungs. Many months later she is still recovering, making slow but steady progress in body, mind, and spirit.

Rosario has some anxiety regarding all of this, testifying, seeing her assailant for the first time since that fateful, almost fatal day. She will not be alone. Her sisters, Cecilia and Angelica, are accompanying her. Friends and brothers and sisters in the Lord will be there for her. Of course we know that the Lord will be there for her as well, just as He was that day.

Yet, for all the defacto support, we still need prayers to get her over this hump. This is just a hump or a bump, but at times seems like a mountain to climb. Pray that Rosario’s testimony will bring out the truth of the events, pray that justice will be done, and pray that the Holy Spirit will give her courage and peace. It has been prayer from all of you that have brought her this far. The Lord God has honored that prayer.

Also, pray for her assailant and all those involved. That hearts and minds will be changed and conversions made. Pray that the hearing will not be delayed so as not to add to the anxiety and expense of the trip.

Pray for mom and dad as well. We can’t be there. We used up all our vacation, sick and personal time last summer following her admission and during recovery. It is difficult for us not to be there for her. But mostly, pray for Rosario.

Thank you all for your support.

As Rosario would say: “God is Sovereign”.

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