New discoveries and Old realizations

Updates have been few and far between these days because there isn’t much to update.

Rosario has been excited about the warmer weather. She takes full advantage of sun-filled days by either taking a walk with Angelica or sitting outside with Uncle Bill, who is the uncle of our dear family friends. Rosario has been hanging out with Uncle Bill several days a week. Sometimes she reads to him and sometimes she just listens. Rosario is learning a lot from Uncle Bill. He has a great wealth of insight, knowledge and wisdom as a retired deacon. Thanks to afternoons with Uncle Bill, regular attendance of weekday Mass, and continued counseling, Rosario is discovering a new spirituality – a more quiet and simple way of living – that has helped her embrace her current circumstances.

We are in a bit of a holding pattern in regards to the legal proceedings. The pre-trial date in April was anti-climactic. It keeps getting rescheduled – this time for June 15. We have been hoping for a guilty plea so as to avoid a trial but that isn’t likely to happen. The trial is set for sometime in August. We’ll keep you posted on developments. Please continue to pray for the trial and all involved. Pray especially that the defendant will have a conversion of heart. It would be a miracle if she did, but we know all things are possible with God. Pray also for Rosario who is not looking forward to testifying at trial, but realizes it is inevitable. We have been learning to trust God and His mercy in regards to this aspect of the process.

Thank you for continuing this journey with Rosario and our family.

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