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Melanie Pritchard’s Miraculous Recovery!

This is a wonderful article about Melanie’s miraculous recovery! As well as a beautiful picture of Melanie with her gorgeous daughter!!

Thank you for all of your prayers!!! What a joy to be a part of The Body of Christ and together be about God’s amazing work!!!

Also, thank you for all the prayers for my recovery and journey. I too am a product of God’s great miracles and am alive thanks to the power of prayer from the Universal Church! I truly cannot express in words how grateful I am for all of you who have prayed for me a year ago and who continue to pray for me.

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Exciting update on Melanie Pritchard!

Posted 11am AZ time

The latest update on Mel is that she is with her baby Ella right now as we speak…UNBELIEVABLE! My sister and I saw her last night. She is coherent and recognized us and was able to say I love you. She is in a tremendous amount of pain and has a long, long road of recovery from here.”

This update is from

At the bottom there are links to websites where you can help support Melanie and Doug!

Here are a couple of other updates posted on from yesterday and this morning

9am (AZ Time) 7/30/10 Kemi  “Melanie Pritchard has to be one of the strongest women I know…she has overcome an amniotic fluid embolism, DIC, lung failure and heart failure. The only tube left in her is an iV with saline drip. Incredible turnaround since two night’s ago. She will see her baby for the first time tomorrow morning!!! Continue to pray for Mel, Doug, and their precious children.”

5PM (AZ TIME) 7/29/10 Kemi   posted this update to Facebook with a request for specific prayers: “Pray for a very exhausted husband and father, Doug. Melanie is at one hospital, Gabriella is at another Hospital and Brady is away from both parents for now. Doug is beyond physical and emotional exhaustion, but he’s staying strong for his family. A facebook page and website will be up soon where you can support them with cards, financially, and with prayers. Help spread the word.” I’ll post a Facebook page link as soon as I have it.

3pm (AZ Time) 7/29/10 – John of Arizona Right to Life emailed this note to me today: Just spoke with Melanie’s mom. Melanie recognized her and was alert. She is being weaned off of the medications that were helping her heart and lungs. She continues to need our prayers as there are some additional hurdles – BUT – all is looking so much better. THANK YOU all for your prayers. Our God is a mighty God. He reigns and His mercy endures forever. Give thanks to Our Lord for hearing our prayers and to Our Blessed Mother,all the angels and saints for their intercession. And special thumbs up to St. Anthony and St. Philomena.”

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Latest Update on Melanie Pritchard – Young Mother in Critical Condition

Thank you all for the prayers! The only update I have is the one Melanie’s friend John posted on facebook 5 hours ago:
“Guardedly optimistic. Still needs lots of prayers. Next 24-48 hours critical. Pray also for husband Doug, and Mel’s parents. Saw Doug and Mel’s folks. He got some much needed sleep at the hospital. A number of us were there for support and prayer. Just left for the night. More later. Praise to the Lord of mercy for all He has done this day.”
Last I heard she was still mostly unconscious but fluttering her eyes every now and then.
Please keep the prayers coming!
Patrick Madrid tweeted about her and has more information about what happened and who she is: URGENT PRAYER REQUEST: Young wife & mom Melanie Pritchard in critical condition

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Update on ER Prayer Request for Melanie

**I just received an update! She’s currently stable and they think they’ve stopped the bleeding. They’re trying to bring up her lung capacity, and  she has been making good progress with that in the last few hours. She still has a long road ahead, but it sounds like she has a much better chance of survival. Please keep praying! Thanks
Our Lady of Guadalupe, Pray for us!
St. Philomena, Pray for us!

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EMERGENCY PRAYER REQUEST – For a Mother who’s in Critical Condition!

Please pray for Melanie Pritchard, her heart stopped beating while giving birth to her second child. This happened around noon.  Two hours ago she was was air lifted  to a Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale after going into cardiac arrest 4 times  and is on life support!!! The baby is healthy & beautiful! She’s a wife, mother and an amazing woman who helped with ‘Bella The Movie’ and works with AZ Right to Life. PLEASE PRAY FOR A MIRACLE!!!

Our Lady of Guadalupe, Pray for us!

St. Philomena, Pray for us!

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Join us in prayer…

Nine days from today, there will be a hearing to set the trial date. We will be praying a nine day novena to the Infant Jesus of Prague, starting today July 28th and ending on the day of the hearing August 5th. You are all welcome to join us in this prayer as we offer up the following intentions:

– For God’s continued provision that Rosario will be able to attend both the trial and the sentencing hearing;
– For April’s conversion and that she will plead guilty, eliminating a need for trial;
– For the court hearing and the trial that there are no delays or postponements for the dates of either;
– That God will send an abundance of graces to Rosario during this emotionally difficult time.

Novena Prayer to the Miraculous Infant Jesus of Prague

Dearest Jesus, Little Infant of Prague, how tenderly You love us! Your greatest joy is to dwell among us and to bestow Your blessing upon us. Though I am not worthy that You should help me, I feel drawn to You by love because You are kind and merciful.

So many who turned to You with confidence have received graces and had their petitions granted. Behold me as I come before You to lay open my heart to You with its prayers and hopes. I present to You especially this request, which I enclose in Your loving Heart: (Mention your request).

Rule over me, dear Infant Jesus, and do with me and mine according to Your Holy Will, for I know that in Your Divine Wisdom and Love You will arrange everything for the best. Do not withdraw Your hand from me, but protect and bless me forever.

I pray You, all-powerful and gracious Infant Jesus, for the sake of Your Sacred Infancy, in the Name of Your Blessed Mother Mary who cared for You with such tenderness, and by the greatest reverence with which Saint Joseph carried You in his arms, help me in my needs. Make me truly happy with You, dearest Infant, in time and in eternity, and I shall thank You forever with all my heart. Amen.

Thank you for joining us in prayer and support of Rosario.

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