Exciting update on Melanie Pritchard!

Posted 11am AZ time

The latest update on Mel is that she is with her baby Ella right now as we speak…UNBELIEVABLE! My sister and I saw her last night. She is coherent and recognized us and was able to say I love you. She is in a tremendous amount of pain and has a long, long road of recovery from here.”

This update is from http://www.livinggracefully.net/2010/07/29/urgent-prayer-request-melanie-pritchard-in-critical-condition/

At the bottom there are links to websites where you can help support Melanie and Doug!

Here are a couple of other updates posted on livinggracefully.net from yesterday and this morning

9am (AZ Time) 7/30/10 Kemi  “Melanie Pritchard has to be one of the strongest women I know…she has overcome an amniotic fluid embolism, DIC, lung failure and heart failure. The only tube left in her is an iV with saline drip. Incredible turnaround since two night’s ago. She will see her baby for the first time tomorrow morning!!! Continue to pray for Mel, Doug, and their precious children.”

5PM (AZ TIME) 7/29/10 Kemi   posted this update to Facebook with a request for specific prayers: “Pray for a very exhausted husband and father, Doug. Melanie is at one hospital, Gabriella is at another Hospital and Brady is away from both parents for now. Doug is beyond physical and emotional exhaustion, but he’s staying strong for his family. A facebook page and website will be up soon where you can support them with cards, financially, and with prayers. Help spread the word.” I’ll post a Facebook page link as soon as I have it.

3pm (AZ Time) 7/29/10 – John of Arizona Right to Life emailed this note to me today: Just spoke with Melanie’s mom. Melanie recognized her and was alert. She is being weaned off of the medications that were helping her heart and lungs. She continues to need our prayers as there are some additional hurdles – BUT – all is looking so much better. THANK YOU all for your prayers. Our God is a mighty God. He reigns and His mercy endures forever. Give thanks to Our Lord for hearing our prayers and to Our Blessed Mother,all the angels and saints for their intercession. And special thumbs up to St. Anthony and St. Philomena.”


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