Trial Date Set

I just received an email from the DA and she said that the trial date is set for August 24 as 6 or 10 which means we will be sent out for trial on August 26 to a trial court where jury selection will begin. Most likely it will take 1.5 to 2 days to select a jury, (it depends on the court, some are quicker than others, it can take 3 days in a slow court) then testimony begins. I will most likely be the first witness, and then will be subject to recall. The trial may take about a week or so. That’s all I know for now. I’m working on making plans for the trip and stay in CA. Please pray that God will provide us with everything we need as well as the funds to cover it all!

Please continue to pray that April (the defendant) pleads guilty and for her conversion and that I can attend & speak at the sentencing. Please also pray that the dates aren’t changed! Thanks again for all the prayers. Words cannot express how grateful I am for them!

Quick FYI – I’m headed to our family cabin in the woods for a little vacation with family and won’t have a ton of access to internet (only some) until Thursday evening.


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  1. Elizabeth McClintic

    It’s not cheap being the victim is it? May God protect you and give all the grace and support you need to see this through. And may the Holy Spirit touch the shooter’s heart and convict her of her need for repentance.

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