Trial Expenses

As stressful as the upcoming trial has been, so too is my concern over the many expenses for my trip to Los Angeles.  The court will reimburse me for my flight but not my dad’s, and they will only reimburse hotel expenses for the day(s) I take the stand, not even for the days I’m required to be available ‘just in case’.  They won’t cover the car rental necessary to get me to the courthouse, nor any miscellaneous needs such as food, parking, etc.  Unfortunately, my family and I don’t have the finances for any of this.  Our resources have been strapped over the past year trying to cover daily needs and lingering hospital and therapy bills.

To help alleviate my stress so I can focus on the already difficult situation of testifying, my former employer in Los Angeles, Act One, has set up an account for donations.  If you or anyone you know is interested in helping out, you can visit the donate page and click the link provided.  Thank you for your generosity during these frustrating circumstances.


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