Tough Day but A LOT of Peace!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your prayers!!!! I could feel them despite how hard today was. I didn’t end up testifying. They finished selecting a jury but need to still select a couple alternative jurors. Which they will finish Monday morning. So I will be testifying as soon as they are done doing that.  The court closed early at 3pm today for the Jewish holiday.

While meeting with the district attorney (who is doing an amazing job!) I found out that the defendant is trying to blame me for the shooting!!! When I heard this it broke my heart. I couldn’t believe that after committing such a brazen act toward me that her heart is so hard that she would also lie about it! I also felt A LOT of pressure knowing that I need to be very detailed and every word I say carry’s a lot of weight. I freaked out feeling that I might get something wrong or not remember everything correctly and was going to fail. I sent out a txt to some friends asking for prayer and then broke down crying for a little bit. At that time my good friend Melissa walked into the witness waiting room, so I filled her in and she sat right down and prayed with me. I also began receiving encouraging txts from my friends telling me that they stepped up the prayers. I calmed down and experienced A LOT of peace! Which I know was from all the grace & prayers being lifted up for me!

Then the attorney from the preliminary hearing came by and was a great support! We hung out for awhile and caught up and then I mentioned to her some problems I’d had with bills and victim’s advocate so she took us to their office and everyone was sooo kind and generous! We were able to straighten everything out and felt a huge weight lifted off my shoulders knowing I don’t have to worry about all of that anymore! Praise God!!!

After we figured all that out they were kind enough to let us stay and wait in their office which was a lot nicer then the witness waiting room so we waited for the DA to contact me. Once 2:45pm came we knew that I wouldn’t be testifying so we headed down to meet up with him and find out when he would need me on Monday.

Thank you AGAIN for all the prayers!!! They were needed and were GREATLY felt and appreciated!!!!

I’ll definitely need them again on Monday. I’ll keep you posted as to how this plays out. Thanks again! ~Rosario

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