Day of Sentencing

This Friday, Dec.10th is the sentencing hearing and I will be making a victim’s impact statement. Please pray that I will have peace and clarity and that I will be guided by The Holy Spirit to articulate whatever He wants me to. That the words I speak will move the judges heart to give a very long sentence. As well as move the defendant’s heart, mind & soul! Please continue to pray for her conversion, that she may come to know the incredible Love, Mercy & Forgiveness of our Lord Jesus Christ!

I also ask for prayers of provision! I arrive in Los Angeles this Wednesday the 8th and as of now I still don’t have a place to stay or someone to pick me up from LAX!  Yikes! Striving to trust that God WILL provide in His time!

Thank you & please know…. I pray for everyone who’s praying for me everyday! You’re especially lifted up in prayer at daily Mass.

God is Sovereign! ~Rosario Rodriguez

*UPDATE* Thanks for all the prayers!!! I JUST found a place to stay!!! Woo-hooo!!!! Thanks St. Francis Xavier & ‘friends’! God IS Sovereign!!!

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