Victim’s Impact Statement Postponed!

Due to a surprising turn of events the sentencing hearing and victim’s impact statement have been postponed. The defense attorney came into court saying that he received some emails early this morning from the defendant’s family telling him that they have hired another attorney to represent the defendant and that he was available on certain dates two weeks away. The problem was no one could get a hold of this new attorney! He hadn’t contacted the court or spoken with the defendant or the defense attorney. What craziness!!!

The judge was not very pleased about all of this especially since this hearing has been on the calendar for two months! Keeping in mind that I flew out her specifically to give my victim’s impact statement she postponed the  hearing until next Friday, Dec.17th while I’m still in town. So I must wait a week!!!

It seems to me that the defendant and her family are trying to pull some sort of stunt! While the judge wanted to rule that it was too late in the trial to hire someone else she choose not to because that could end up being cause for an appeal saying that the defendant wasn’t represented by the counsel she wanted. What drama in the courtroom! There were a lot of very frustrated people there this morning.

My friend Melissa S. was a HUGE support to me during all of this and reminded me that God must have His reasons for postponing! While I wanted to get this done and over with I’m going to do my best to trust in Christ and cling to His peace & joy during this coming week.

Thank you to all of you who have been praying! Your prayers are needed & greatly appreciated!!! I’m just sorry this still isn’t over with.

God is Sovereign! ~Rosario Rodriguez

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One response to “Victim’s Impact Statement Postponed!

  1. Joshua Geeslin

    Rosario, oh gosh thats so strange and unforntunate. so sorry God bless your sweet heart for having to endure all this. i don’t know you but have been following and i will be glad when this is all over for you. i gladly pray for you, God bless, josh

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