The Hope of Justice

Dedicated Prayer Warriors of Rosario,

It boggles my mind that this legal escapade is not behind us yet, but here we are once more waiting for the next court date. If you remember from Rosario’s posts before Christmas, sentencing was postponed until March. I’m not sure what the actual date is, but it is coming soon. Rosario is as ready as any of us for this aspect of her journey to be done and over with. The trial has been a major roadblock in Rosario’s emotional recovery and she is looking forward to having closure and moving on.

That being said, this final chapter is sending Rosario on an emotional roller coaster. Nothing about this legal process has turned out the way anyone predicted it would, which concerns Rosario about the hoped outcome of sentencing. She is growing more and more anxious about it, considering the shenanigans of the past two scheduled sentencing hearings. She has been having anxiety dreams the past several nights and they are getting worse.

Please keep Rosario in your prayers. These have been and will continue to be very stressful days and nights. She is very concerned about the anticipated appeal that will be filed at the hearing. All Rosario wants is justice and closure. Please pray that she will have peace as the hearing approaches, and pray for the judge and everyone else involved.

Your prayers have always been appreciated. Rosario remembers all of you in her prayers each day. Please continue to join Rosario in prayer as we hopefully near the end of the judicial journey.


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One response to “The Hope of Justice

  1. STEVE

    ST.Philomena is my patron saint. A universal Saint. It appears Rosario has been on an agonizing journey. Through the intersion of St. Philomenia, I pray your suffering ends.

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