Sentencing & Stuff

The sentencing hearing is scheduled for this Tuesday, March 22nd. This could be it: Rosario might finally have a sense of justice and closure. Of course the last two sentencing hearings did not go as expected, so please continue to pray for Rosario and all parties involved.

On one hand, Rosario is looking forward to the end of this legal chapter, but on the other hand she is apprehensive about what happens next and trying to figure out where her life goes from here. As I mentioned before, the past several weeks have been full of anxiety. Rosario is trying to take things one day at a time, and thankfully she has a small recovery goal to keep her mind off the nerve-wracking state of not knowing the next phase of God’s plan.

It’s actually a BIG recovery goal: Rosario is training for a 5k!!!!!! Training started last week and Rosario ran for the first time since she was shot over a year and a half ago! Milestones in her recovery are few and far between these days, but still exciting, emotional and well worth celebrating!! She is training under the watchful eye of our in-house running expert (aka Mom) and with the encouragement/approval of her physical therapist. Rosario reported nothing more than the chronic pain from her incision, other than the expected soreness that comes when one runs for the first time after a long absence. She has a ways to go before she can run a full 5k, but she will get there.

Again, please pray for the outcome of the sentencing hearing on Tuesday, the 22nd. I will let you know any news as soon as I hear it. Thank you for being steadfast with your prayers and support on this long journey!!

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