So much to post, so far behind!

There’s tons to blog about and update you on and I promise I will be posting soon! If you follow me on twitter and facebook I’m sure you’d like to hear the details of running in my first race since I was shot. Plus I have exciting news about my cousin Ronn (second n is silent 😉 ) who’s discerning with the Benedictine monks at St. Andrew’s Abbey. There’s also my 60 year old mom who just ran her first marathon!!! Incredible! No worries…. I’ll be posting all the fun and exciting details soon!

As for some serious news… the sentencing hearing is continued to June 6 where the defense will continue their request for a new trial. If their appeal is denied then the defendant will be sentenced. With the 2 year mark right around the corner I’m pretty anxious to move on and let justice be served. I’m asking for prayers for God’s peace that I can accept whatever His will is and whatever the outcome may be. Obviously I’m not a fan of going through the entire trial process and testifying to a jury trial all over again but if that’s what needs to happen then I’ll definitely do it.

I seriously have no idea how I could have gotten through all of this without your prayers and support! Know that I experience an incredible amount of God’s grace, peace and joy because of your prayers. And also know that I pray everyday for all those who are praying for me!

God is Sovereign!


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3 responses to “So much to post, so far behind!

  1. Praise the Lord! I know your blog through watching the video on Creative Minority Report site. I am inspired by your sharing and would like to subscribe to your blog. Keep strong Rosario!God bless.

  2. Jeff Baker

    We love you, Rosario! You inspire us with your fidelity and forgiveness. We join our prayers to yours. Pax et bonum — Peace and all good!

  3. Teresa

    Dear Rosario – I found your blog through Pat Gohn’s blog “Among Women”. Pat had posted your youtube video, which I found so moving and inspirational. Your story really is incredible and it is evident God is moving in your life in a very mysterious and beautiful way. I look forward to following your story here through your own blog (so happy to have found it!) and I will keep you in my prayers. May God continue to bless you abundantly!!

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