A Day of Thanksgiving

Today is a day of thanksgiving, as well as reminiscing and contemplation.  Today we remember how our lives, especially Rosario’s, changed for the better two years ago.  Why for the better?  Well, the outcome of the shooting on June 29, 2009 could have easily been for the worse.  I don’t often think about how close we came to losing Rosario that day – it’s too heart-wrenching to dwell on – but the truth is Rosario could have died.  But she didn’t.  She didn’t.  God, in his infinite mercy and wisdom, wasn’t quite finished with his beautiful vessel named Rosario.  So He intervened and thus we find ourselves two years later celebrating the anniversary of Rosario’s second chance at life.

As many of you are aware, it has not been an easy life.  Rosario’s physical recovery has been harrowing, not to mention the emotional struggle.  There have been countless milestones alongside a myriad of monotonous moments.  In many ways this second year was harder than the first.  It was much more emotionally and mentally challenging as Rosario traveled to and from Los Angeles to testify at the trial and make a statement at the sentencing hearing.  Emotional milestones are not as obvious as physical one, which is rather anti-climactic.  Rosario did have a few physical accomplishments throughout the year which were celebrated with gusto, especially when she ran a 5k road race.  Easy or not, Rosario continues to carry her cross with grace and dignity.

“These men, conquering all human frailty, shed their blood and helped the Church grow.  By sharing the cup of the Lord’s suffering, they became friends of God” (ref: Matt 20:22-23).  This was the entrance song for today’s mass in honor of the Feast of Sts. Peter and Paul.  I found these words quite fitting for today, not only in relation to these great saints, but also in relation to the events of two years ago.  In a small way, Rosario ‘conquered human frailty’.  She shed her blood and the Church rallied to her aid in prayer.  She is ‘sharing the cup of the Lord’s suffering’ and has become a ‘friend of God’.  This is why I said Rosario’s life changed for the better.  Not only is she alive, but she is living a deeper friendship and intimacy with the Lord.

Today is a day of thanksgiving and celebration.  Are the struggles over?  Not at all!  The trial is not over, and Rosario still mourns the loss of the life she once knew.  But God does not abandon his friends.  He is with us always, just as He was two years ago when He protected Rosario from the bullet that pierced her chest and allowed her to live.  We have much to be thankful for and much to celebrate today!

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4 responses to “A Day of Thanksgiving

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  2. Cristin Luea

    thank you, Jesus.

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