When it rains…

Posted by Cecilia

You know how the saying goes and it is pouring on the Rodriguez-Schwartz household!

Our dad was admitted to the hospital on Sunday with chest pains.  Tests were inconclusive as to the cause, but there was some evidence of some blockage.  So he is scheduled for a heart catheter on Thursday.  If there is blockage, a stent will be put in.  Dad has to go in tomorrow to test the coumadin level in his blood stream.  If his blood is too thin, they won’t be able to proceed with heart catheter.  Please pray that his blood will be thick enough to perform the test on Thursday so we can find the cause of the chest pains.

Last month, Rosario spent over two weeks suffering from kidney stones.  We were under the impression that there were no more stones left in her system.  But today she started feeling pain in her left kidney.  It was dull at first, but soon escalated.  Rosario is still in New Jersey.  She and Angelica were supposed to go home this week, but Rosario was asked to share her story at a retreat this weekend and at another event the following weekend.  Pray that the stone will pass quickly so Rosario will be able to attend this weekend’s event.  This is an extremely frustrating time for her, as she was looking forward to these opportunities.

We really believe as a family that these kidney stones are a spiritual battle.  Please pray for protection, strength and healing for Rosario and our family.

**UPDATE Wed 1:00pm – Thank you all for your prayers! As of now the pain has lessened and I only have tinges of pain. I have no idea if the stone has passed or if it’s just not moving. But I’m praying/begging God that it has passed and that I can recover and be present to minister to these hurting inner-city girls at the retreat this weekend.

It seems every time I have an opportunity to share my miraculous testimony I end up with kidney stones or in extreme pain. I called my dad very frustrated last night and he reminded me that God is bigger then a bullet, He’s bigger then kidney stones, He’s bigger then heart problems, He’s bigger then satan and He WILL WIN!

God is Sovereign!

~Rosario Rodriguez

**UPDATE Wed 9:05pm – I was feeling A LOT better all day. Almost pain free so thought I’d passed it but then 5pm and PAIN!!! Have  been having pangs of pain all evening. Praying this ends asap… like I mentioned above, I have tons to do here in NYC! ~RR

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