From Tragedy Springs Beauty

A good friend of my parents, Reyna Garcia, had a gallery at the Fiesta Mexicana this weekend in downtown Grand Rapids.  I met Reyna when I first came back to Michigan.  She had been deeply moved when she heard I had been shot.  Not only did Reyna pray for me, she also began working on a painting which she titled “Rose”.  When we met, the painting was a work-in-progress, and I was still very weak and could barely walk on my own.  I finally saw Reyna this weekend at the Fiesta.  It was wonderful to see her again and she was thrilled to see me more fully recovered.

For those in the West Michigan area, be sure to check out Reyna’s ArtPrize entry, located at Cathedral Square – 2nd Floor. You can see more of her artwork online here: Reyna Garcia’s Art

Reyna Garcia y Rosario Rodriguez - 'Rose'

Rose by Reyna Garcia

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