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A Step from Heaven (Con los Pies en el Cielo)

This is a beautiful documentary about Juan Angel Ruiz who had an accident that left him a quadriplegic when he was 16. In this movie he shares his story and outlook on life, believing love and service bring meaning to life, no matter the circumstances. Gloria & Emilio Esefan also share their story of surviving a horrific accident.

Both stories touched my heart and inspire me as I journey on my road to recovery.

“To Love, to live, to smile. Enjoying every moment. For sure, it’s worth it. Life is wonderful. It’s a gift from God. And that to know it and experience it is worth the pain. It doesn’t matter the apparent circumstances. Life is wonderful.”

~Juan Angel Ruiz

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Omega Granola

Calling all granola lovers! My dad makes & sells his homemade, high in omega 3 granola. He recently made a batch of two of his popular granola.  Here’s a message from him with an ingredient update:

Just spent 12 hours baking more high-omega 3 granola! Get your orders in before it’s gone!
Plainola Granola™ $6.00 (Freshly baked and in stock.)
organic oats, walnuts, organic coconut, honey, canola oil, organic ground flaxseed.
Buckwheat Maplenut ™ $7.00 (Freshly baked and in stock.)
organic oats, walnuts, organic stoneground buckwheat flour, natural maple syrup, honey, canola oil, organic ground flaxseed.
All varieties are gluten-free.
Plainola and Buckwheat do not have fruit – you can add your own.
To order, call (616)456-8265 or e-mail
 Recipe note: 

I have stopped using flaxseed oil. I used to get it without the “slightly fishy smell” that sometimes accompanies flaxseed oil. Unfortunately, I have been unable find a supplier that has it without the slightly fishy smell. Since I started making Omega Granola with high-omega-3 ingredients so I wouldn’t have to eat fish for breakfast, this “fishy” flaxseed oil is a non-starter. Quality of product is supreme, including taste as well as nutrition. My official taste tester rejected twenty bags, because of the less than perfect taste due to the flaxseed oil.
Going forward, all varieties will be free of flaxseed oil, which was a minor ingredient. The current batch still has it on the label, but not in the product. Labels have been changed for future batches.

Thank you,

Mike Schwartz 

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