And So It Continues…

I heard from the district attorney and the sentencing hearing was delayed AGAIN!  Because of the defense’s late filing of their motion and the district attorney being in another trial, the new date for the sentencing hearing is Dec. 9th.  This will hopefully allow the district attorney enough time to prepare a written response to the defense’s fifty page motion and allow the judge enough time to review the documents and make a decision.
I am frustrated that there was no resolution this week, but I do see an end in sight.. providing the judge denies the defense’s motion.  The deputy district attorney is also frustrated but hopeful.
Thank you for all of your prayers; they are greatly appreciated.  Please continue to pray for all involved, especially for the coversion of the defendant that she will come to know the incredible love, mercy and forgiveness of Christ.

God is Sovereign!

~Rosario Rodriguez


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2 responses to “And So It Continues…

  1. Bettie McClintic

    I do declare this is your road to sainthood. God is good all the time, even when we can’t make sense out of our reality.

  2. I was wondering why there was a Britney Spears video in this update but then I realized it was an ad. 🙂

    I hope to that this legal process doesn’t last too much longer for you.

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