Angelica Unfiltered – Episode 6

Angelica catching fish!


Angelica and I share a bedroom, and we spend a lot of time talking especially when we are getting ready for bed. Most of that time is spent laughing at/with each other, but once in a while I have to bring up topics that Angelica doesn’t want to talk about. As soon as I mention something, she’ll close her eyes, pretending that she suddenly fell asleep. It cracks me up every time, and I remind her that I know she’s really awake which usually makes her laugh too.

The other day we were in the living room. Ang was on the couch, curled up in a blanket to keep warm. I asked her to do something. Immediately, she pulled the blanket over her head because she didn’t want to hear what I was asking of her. “I know you’re there, Ang!” I said laughing.

“I’m not here,” she replied. “You can’t see me!”

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14 responses to “Angelica Unfiltered – Episode 6

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  2. Monica

    Thank you so much for sharing stories about your sister Ang. I’m enjoying all your posts! I started following your blog several months ago. You are an inspiration.
    My little boy who is six was recently diagnosed with Autism. He is a precious gift from God to our family! God Bless You & Yours Monica 🙂

  3. haha that reminds me of something Danah would do. Lately we’ve been teasing her about having selective hearing. My mom was in the kitchen and had to call her like 5 times to get her attention and she claimed she couldnt hear her. Later we were all gathered in the living room and I was whispering secrets to my nephew about how Im the best.Danah who was across the room shouted triumphantly “I heard that!!!”…yeah nothing wrong with that girls hearing ❤

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