Celebrating Justice!

I received an email from the District Attorney regarding Friday’s court hearing. They were there on the defense motion for a new trial, and he spent a considerable amount of time arguing the claims raised by the defense. Then the judge DENIED the motion for a new trial and the defendant was sentenced! She received Life + 30 years in state prison.


Praise God, it is over! Justice has been served!

Receiving this news brings great relief and closure. I’m so grateful to everyone who has worked on my case: the first responders, the police officers and detectives who worked tirelessly to find the woman who shot me and arrest her, and all the attorneys who have put in many hours to see this through. The attorney who presented my case at the preliminary hearing has continued to follow the case and even appeared at some of the trial hearings to support me. I have seen similar kindness from many others throughout this ordeal and am truly moved by it. I am grateful that God placed so many incredible people in my life to help me through such a difficult time.

I am grateful for the intercession of Our Lady of Guadalupe, St. Filomena, St. Antonio of Padua, Bl. Anacleto and Josh Gonder. I know the Lord heard their prayers on my behalf. And I am especially grateful to all of you who continued to follow my journey and unceasingly offered your prayers and encouragement. This is your celebration, too!

Please continue to pray for the woman who shot me, that she may come to know the incredible Love, Mercy and Forgiveness of our Lord Jesus Christ.

God is Sovereign! ~Rosario Rodriguez


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10 responses to “Celebrating Justice!

  1. Does she have a first name so we can keep her in prayer?

  2. Wendy

    Wow-there is so rarely justice it seems; I am so grateful that here, justice was in fact, served. I am grateful to God to see you from being so close to death, to vibrant and healthy-your faith and love of God is a beautiful light to those who have come in contact with you-I have no doubt (at all) that this is a big part of why so many people worked so hard, to see your case through. In my work experience, we so rarely have a happy ending-thank you for being an amazing “happy ending.” God bless!

    • Rosario Rodriguez

      Wow, thank you for your beautiful comment Wendy! I’m grateful that you were there that night. I know that you were just doing your job but you kept me calm until the paramedics came and company in the ambulance. I would love to hear how you remember that night in comparison to my memory! Thank you for everything you did that night and afterward to help me and my case! Words cannot describe just how much I appreciate it!

  3. Thank you very much for sharing, beloved sister and dear friend…! Congratulations for everyone whose contribution was good for reported results and your comfort before all the difficult you had about. Amen, let’s pray for who needs. Our mission is salvation. Kind regards, Tarcisio.

  4. Joshua Geeslin

    Glad to hear that this will not be lingering over you anymore and she won’t be on the streets to endanger other people lives, God bless Rosario

  5. carl arpon

    prayers of praise & thanksgiving ascending!
    may your heart and mind now be at peace rosario!
    this chapter is now closed.
    your future is ever brighter and more optimistic!
    may your life be filled with much love and frequent laughter from family and friends that surround you!
    aloha & blessings lovely young lady!

  6. Savio Ribeiro

    Rosario – your experience has had such an inspiring effect on the minds of many… Your strenght & faith have carried you through! We pray for you, your family and also for April. God Bless !

  7. janet regan

    wow—its been a long road—so happy that its over and that justice has prevailed. God Bless, hugs Janet

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