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Presenting at the Stand Up For Religious Freedom Rally

This past Saturday I had the pleasure of sharing Liz Yore’s presentation (who had a last minute conflict and couldn’t attend) at the Stand Up for Religious Freedom Rally in Orange County, CA. Liz Yore is a Chicago based attorney and long time advocate for Children’s rights and advisor to Catholic Charities of Chicago. She was counsel to Harpo Productions (Oprah Winfrey Show) for five years.

It was an honor to share her knowledge of what is happening in this country in regards to the implementation of the HHS Mandate and how it affects foster children and many others who are served by Catholic charities. Her words and insight were powerful and I was humbled to read them on her behalf.
It was a blessing to meet many of the speakers who are all standing up and working hard to protect our First Amendment rights as well as the rights of the most vulnerable.

My room mate Emily and I at the Stand Up For Religious Freedom Rally. Emily is running for Miss California

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Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary

Happy feast day! Today we celebrate Our Lady of the Rosary  (Who I’m named for!)

“The greatest method of praying is to pray the Rosary.” -Saint Francis de Sales

“Never will anyone who says his Rosary every day be led astray. This is a statement that I would gladly sign with my blood.” -Saint Louis de Montfort

“The Rosary is a treasure of graces.” -Pope Paul V

“The Rosary is THE WEAPON.” -St. Pio of Pietrelcina

“The Rosary is the scourge of the devil.” -Pope Adrian VI

“The Rosary is the most powerful weapon to touch the Heart of Jesus, Our Redeemer, who so loves His Mother.” -St. Louis de Montfort

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The summer Blog drought is over!

No, I haven’t forgotten about my blog. Life got a bit hectic this summer and sadly I neglected my blog while I focused on other things. But, not to worry…. I’M BACK with all sorts of exciting things happening to share with all of you! So get ready for more frequent blog posts! 😉

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