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My story is on CD!

My story is now on CD! You can order here at St. Joseph Communications Inc. Buy CD’s  for family, friends, neighbors, co-workers… all the people in your life who need to hear the message of God’s powerful healing and the freedom of forgiveness.

From St. Joseph Communications Inc website:

Our Lord and Our Lady: A Shield About Me – The Inspirational Story Of Rosario Rodriguez

Emotional woundedness is a common human experience. To be sure, some of us are more wounded than others. Far too often infliction is brought upon by someone close to us. Sometimes evil befalls us by just being “at the wrong place and at the wrong time.” How then should we as Catholics respond to this kind of emotional pain and personal crises? How does one find peace, forgiveness and normalcy again?

Rosario Rodriguez never expected to go through the insurmountable trials she faced during her formational years. She came from a loving home which cultivated her Catholic Faith and missionary heart. However, it seemed that one trial always followed another. In one instance, she was robbed, shot and left gasping for her dear life.

After these horrific experiences, she began to struggle with her own faith. Questions about God’s goodness began to percolate in her mind.  Yet, she never abandoned her faith.

In fact, her faith blossomed beyond what she could have ever imagined. She was inspired by God’s faithfulness through it all, and now she is on a mission to share God’s goodness and faithfulness to others, especially to young ladies.

Rosario’s story has been shared at several conferences, parishes and other faith-based events across the country. Be inspired and inspire others with this powerful interview from one the Church’s up-and-coming motivational speakers.

In this CD, you’ll discover:

-Why God allows things to happen to His children (and in the way that they do)
-How to rebound from life’s deepest pains
-How to use your own pains and wounds to help others in their spiritual journey
-How to interact with and forgive those within your family who have hurt you

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