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Today is Day 3… that’s right! I’ve extended my 4 Liters challenge!

Thanks to a very generous donor I raised another $100 yesterday for Dig Deep! As promised, I  have extended my 2 day challenge to 3 days of living on only 4 liters of water a day.

Last night was a very powerful night as I handed out water bottles to the homeless with The Burrito Project on skid row in downtown Los Angeles. I always come away grateful for how blessed I am and a concern for all those that we give water and burritos to. I pray that they will know their worth and God’s love for them and with His grace they will come to a better living situation.  We passed out over 600 burritos and about 25 cases of water last night.

While I’ve extended my 4 liter challenge an extra day and on my profile  it says that I’m done,  it’s still not too late to donate to bring clean water to those who don’t have access – My 4 Liters Profile 

Photo: My friend Jose and I at the Burrito Project before making burritos and VERY serious about feeding the homeless… 😉 Then later after we’ve made all the burritos and excited to pass them out.  Just some of the many cases of water we passed out last night.

BP - Jose & water

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Throwback Thursday! Bath time on a mission trip in Mexico

My friends and I are washing and shaving using a hose and a bucket while on a mission trip on a mountain in Mexico. Many of the people we were serving did not have running water. Help me bring clean water to those who don’t have access! Donate at my 4 liters Profile.  100% of your donation to Dig Deep goes to water wells and education to those who don’t have clean water.

Throwback Thursday - Washing up in MX

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It’s Day 2 of the 4 Liter Challenge AND Burrito Project Thursday!

Today is Day 2 of living on only 4 liters of water a day. My hair is a bit greasy but nothing some powder can’t handle 😉 Thanks to Purell, and baby wipes, I’m feeling decently sanitized and clean.

I’ve decided that since I made my fundraising goal, if I can raise an extra $100 by 11pm tonight (PST) I’ll extend my challenge from two days to an extra third day. You can donate here at my 4 Liters Profile

Tonight is the Burrito Project which seems appropriate since a part of this challenge is to raise awareness and end  water poverty and I’ll be handing out water and burritos to the homeless on skid row in downtown Los Angeles.

Here’s a video about the Burrito Project that was filmed in Jan 2011. Since the making of this video there are more volunteers and we make about 400 – 500 burritos. Here’s the facebook page for more information on tonights Burrito Project

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It’s Day 1 and I made my goal! But let’s not stop there…

Today is Day 1 of the 4 Liters of water a day challenge! I’m only using 4 liters of water a day for two days to brush my teeth, shower, wash my hands, clothes, dishes, cook and drink! It’s 12:30ish and so far I’ve only used a little over half a liter of water this morning. I’m conserving my water during the day today because every Wednesday night I go out salsa dancing and consume water to stay hydrated. 😉

I’m VERY excited to report that I made my fundraising goal of $200!!!! I have decided to throw out a challenge to ALL OF US! If I can raise another $100 by 11pm PTS tomorrow/Thursday night I will extend my 4 liters challenge an extra day for a total of 3 days!

Who’s with me?!? Let’s bring clean water to those don’t have access to it! Donate here at my 4Liters Profile

Here’s a radio interview I did sharing about the 4Liter challenge:

Cleaning my breakfast dishes this morning

Day 1 Cleaning Breakfast Dishes

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Preparing for tomorrow’s 4Liter Challenge

Tonight I’m getting ready to live on 4 liters of water a day for two days. I’m close to making my fundraising goal for Dig Deep! It’s not too late to donate and bring clean water to those who don’t have the access that we do. You can donate and follow me the next two days of the challenge here at my 4 Liters Profile


4Liters Prep

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A Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Act of Consecration by Pope Pius XII
 Immaculate Heart of Mary Icon
Most Holy Virgin Mary, tender Mother of men, to fulfill the desires of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the request of the Vicar of Your Son on earth, we consecrate ourselves and our families to your Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart, O Queen of the Most Holy Rosary, and we recommend to You, all the people of our country and all the world.
Please accept our consecration, dearest Mother, and use us as You wish to accomplish Your designs in the world.
O Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary, Queen of the Most Holy Rosary, and Queen of the World, rule over us, together with the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ, Our King. Save us from the spreading flood of modern paganism; kindle in our hearts and homes the love of purity, the practice of a virtuous life, an ardent zeal for souls, and a desire to pray the Rosary more faithfully.
We come with confidence to You, O Throne of Grace and Mother of Fair Love. Inflame us with the same Divine Fire which has inflamed Your own Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart. Make our hearts and homes Your shrine, and through us, make the Heart of Jesus, together with your rule, triumph in every heart and home.
Immaculate Heart of Mary, Ora pro nobis! 
This is my favorite rendition of Ave Maria composed by Franz Biebl
It’s absolutely breath taking!

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Help me combat water poverty!

In a week I’m taking the 4 Liter challenge and am going to live on 4 liters of water a day for two days on October 16th & 17th. Why the heck would I do that, you ask? Well, there are many all over the world and even here in the United States who don’t have access to clean water. By living on 4 liters, the lowest amount of water every person needs to survive on in a day will change how I think about water.

While I’m raising my own, as well as (hopefully) others awareness of water poverty. I’m also raising funds for Dig Deep, an organization that brings clean water to those who don’t have access to clean water. 100% of every donation goes to their water projects, bringing clean water to people all around the world!

To hear about my experience of water poverty as a missionary in Mexico and  why I chose to participate in the 4 Liter challenge you can listen to a radio interview this Sunday, October 13th. Listen in the San Antonio, TX area on The Mess Radio Show on News Talk 550 KTSA or online at TuneIn at 9:30pmEST/8:30pmCST/6:30pmPST

To support me in my 4 Liter challenge visit my 4 Liter profile here. I’ll be posting photo’s and updates during the challenge so be sure to follow along on twitter or facebook!

Feel free to join me in the 4 Liter challenge!

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Throw Back Thursday October 3

My cousin and I randomly stopped at a bench while walking around downtown Detroit for a quick workout! Probably about ten years ago. Yes, we’re very random, crazy and in heels! 😉


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