It’s Day 1 and I made my goal! But let’s not stop there…

Today is Day 1 of the 4 Liters of water a day challenge! I’m only using 4 liters of water a day for two days to brush my teeth, shower, wash my hands, clothes, dishes, cook and drink! It’s 12:30ish and so far I’ve only used a little over half a liter of water this morning. I’m conserving my water during the day today because every Wednesday night I go out salsa dancing and consume water to stay hydrated. 😉

I’m VERY excited to report that I made my fundraising goal of $200!!!! I have decided to throw out a challenge to ALL OF US! If I can raise another $100 by 11pm PTS tomorrow/Thursday night I will extend my 4 liters challenge an extra day for a total of 3 days!

Who’s with me?!? Let’s bring clean water to those don’t have access to it! Donate here at my 4Liters Profile

Here’s a radio interview I did sharing about the 4Liter challenge:

Cleaning my breakfast dishes this morning

Day 1 Cleaning Breakfast Dishes

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