It’s Day 2 of the 4 Liter Challenge AND Burrito Project Thursday!

Today is Day 2 of living on only 4 liters of water a day. My hair is a bit greasy but nothing some powder can’t handle 😉 Thanks to Purell, and baby wipes, I’m feeling decently sanitized and clean.

I’ve decided that since I made my fundraising goal, if I can raise an extra $100 by 11pm tonight (PST) I’ll extend my challenge from two days to an extra third day. You can donate here at my 4 Liters Profile

Tonight is the Burrito Project which seems appropriate since a part of this challenge is to raise awareness and end  water poverty and I’ll be handing out water and burritos to the homeless on skid row in downtown Los Angeles.

Here’s a video about the Burrito Project that was filmed in Jan 2011. Since the making of this video there are more volunteers and we make about 400 – 500 burritos. Here’s the facebook page for more information on tonights Burrito Project

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