Giving the gift of food to the homeless for my Birthday

This year as I turn 36 (I know, I know… I can’t believe I’m going to be that old! jaja) on December 3rd I decided that instead of receiving gifts I wanted to give to those  less fortunate than I.  As many of you readers know, every third Thursday of the month I participate in The Burrito Project where we make burritos and then pass them and water out to the homeless on skid row in downtown Los Angeles. Well the third Thursday this month is a couple of weeks away from my birthday and I figured that that would be the perfect way to celebrate my birthday!

If you’re in the Los Angeles area please join me in celebrating my birthday = Thursday November 21st at The Burrito Project!

We ask that if you can, please bring a case of bottled water. Also, this month since the weather is getting colder we’re hoping to hand out socks, blankets, scarfs, and toiletry kits too. So if you have any to donate please bring brand new socks, clean blankets, scarfs, and travel size toiletries (shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, etc…) that would be GREAT!!!

Be sure to dress simple = jeans/sneakers. (You’ll definitely want to wear closed toe shoes when walking around downtown.) And completely covered. Ladies, please no low cut tops.

We meet at 7:30pm  at La Iglesia de la Epifania/Church of the Epiphany – 2808 Altura Street Los Angeles, California 90031 to make the burritos and then head downtown around 9pm -ish and pass out burritos until around 11pm – ish.

If you can’t attend but would like to donate the above listed items to The Burrito Project please contact Alan at BurritoProject1 [at] gmail [dot] com for when/where/how you can drop them off.  Or you can make a financial donation here at The Burrito Project website

For the time and place here’s the Facebook event for my birthday and the Facebook event for The Burrito Project this month

Passing out Burritos to the homeless in downtown Los Angels in September 2013

Passing out Burritos to the homeless in downtown Los Angeles in September 2013

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