About Rosario

Rosario Rodriguez is a survivor of a violent crime, working on a full recovery by intense therapy, counseling & healthy nutrition. Rosario is a Catholic speaker & dancer.

Rosario is a very passionate woman and you can see that in the intense love she has for her Catholic faith, her dedication to her family, friends, sports teams and her work. Rosario looks at life as an adventure and constantly strives to live for eternity in the moment of today!

13 responses to “About Rosario

  1. Wendy Wollin

    Rosario, I was one of the Police Officer’s with you today at court, and all I can say is “Wow, God is so very good!” From when I first saw you in so much pain from the gunshot wound, to how wonderfully you are doing today, I am in awe! You are a testimony of courage, and the love and support of your family and friends was amazing. You were the Victim of a terrible crime, yet you and your loved ones have been an amazing encouragement to myself and the other officers involved in your case. Thank you for your prayers and encouragement for us, and we will continue to lift up your improving health in prayer as well-God bless!

  2. Wow, Rosario, what an amazing story. I found your blog after your profile showed up in Damian Wargo’s “Friend” box on Facebook. You’re story is traumatic and an amazing one. It really shows how we should really be aware of all the graces God gives us and be grateful for each one when we receive them. Reading over your entries have truly touched my heart.
    Thank you for your courage and openness during this journey.

  3. Warrior for Christ

    I took a look at your blog. It’s wonderful and encouraging to see a sister in Christ so faithful and willing to share the Gospel. Thank you for sharing your story. God Bless You.

  4. Greetings:
    Listened to your “Christopher Close-up” interview (Spirit FM 90.5) this morning. It was awesome and inspiring.
    My His hand continue to be over you today and always.
    God’s peace…

  5. Luis

    Maravilloso tu Blog, Ejemplo de fe y superación

  6. May the Good Lord continue to shower you with His blessing and mercy and may He always shield you from all harm and danger. Walk on with God in your life!

  7. julius


  8. Eric


    I had the privilege to hear your interview on Christopher Closeup this afternoon and I wanted to thank you, sincerely. Your experiences, your courage, and most of all your faith brought me hope at a time when I was in need of it.

    May God bless you.

    • Rosario Rodriguez

      Thank you for sharing Eric. I had a rough day today and needed to hear your encouraging words. Your comment makes all of the pain and suffering worth it. The struggle is a bit sweeter now! All glory and praise to God! Many prayers and blessings to you! ~God is Sovereign!

      • Frank Tyler

        I heard someone speaking today on Sprit FM 90.5. I had not heard of the Christopher before. I believe the lady was a speaker and author. Was the you around 9:00AM. I caught the end of the program, but though it was vary interesting.

  9. Your story is beyond inspiational, it is an exposition of our Catholic faith. That through these most horrendous events and attacks, you have been brought both closer to our Lord, while at the same time, sharing his love for you and each and every single one of us. Your injuries have left scars that over time, heal slowly…yet they have also made you into a Warrior for the Holy Spirit. God bless you Rosario, you are an inspiration for every Catholic! An inspiration to All who hear your story.
    I cannot imagine your anguish at the time, or what you may still experience now… but I thank you with all sincerity, that you are willing to put those feelings aside, to help us understand and believe in the necessity of forgiveness, of trusting in our LORD, In having complete faith in the Humility of Our Blessed Mother, a mother who calls us to her son…he who is and always has been, the One True and everlasting God…Our Lord Jesus the Christ.

  10. Cassandra

    Rosario, I discovered your story through my research on Saint Philomena. Your story truly inspires me, and every time I look through this blog I can’t help but think to myself, “God is so good.” Just wanted to say God bless you always, and thank you for spreading love through the world.

  11. MaryBeth Watson

    You are such an inspiration, Rosario! I recently saw a video of your talk about forgiveness online. You have really changed how I view suffering in my life. I hope to introduce you to my daughter one day – it is so hard to find good black Catholic role models for her!. You certainly are one. You are a gem! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful story!

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