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Raise to Shave! A fundraiser for FSU Newman Center

My brother Fr. Charles is sporting a beard these days that in my sisterly opinion is OUT. OF. CONTROL! Fortunately he has Padre's Crazy Beard agreed to shave it off if the Newman Center at Ferris State University in Big Rapids MI where he is assigned, can raise $3,000 by THIS Saturday, March 1st!

The Newman Center is raising money for a mission trip to work in inner-city Memphis, several retreats throughout this year, and continued outreach on the campus of Ferris State University.

Not only is this a great opportunity to support Catholic college students grow in their faith and live out the works of mercy but we can shave this crazy beard off the Padre! ūüėČ

Go here to ‘Quick Give’ on the bottom right of the website to DONATE

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Forget Me Not Friday

Yesterday I missed out on #ThrowBackThursday #TBT so today I decided to post #ForgetMeNotFriday! lol

Rosario & Cecilia Lk MI - Early years

Rosario y Cecilia – Summertime fun at the beach!

This is me with my sister and best friend Cecilia at one of our favorite places of all time… Lake Michigan!

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A new DEACON with a new CAR!

Thanks to the generosity of many we were able to raise just over $5,000 and my brother was able to buy a new car last week! Saturday he was ordained a transitional Deacon and Sunday after his Mass of Thanksgiving and a reception he drove his new car to Atlanta to begin a program where he will minister to the sick and dying at Emory University Hospital.

The new Reverend Mister Charles Schwartz thanks everyone saying:

To everyone who helped me buy this car: Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
I am truly grateful for all of you who support my vocation to the priesthood through your prayers. Through your generosity, I now own this beautiful car!
I drove the car down to Atlanta last night to begin my summer program. After mountains and hills and thunderstorms and 13 hours behind the wheel, I can say this car is great!! ūüėČ

Deacon Charles with his new car

Here are pictures from the Grand Rapids Diocese of his ordination! 

My brother and I after his ordination to the Diaconate

The Reverend Mister Charles & I being a little cheeky! ūüėČ

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Support Vocations by Helping a brotha (err… soon to be Deacon) Out!

My brother Charles (also known as Chuck) is going to be ordained a transitional deacon on June 2nd and will be ordained a priest a year later. ¬†He’s being sent by the Grand Rapids Diocese to Atlanta to minister to the sick at Emory University Hospital for the summer. The day after he’s ordained he’s planning to leave for Atlanta but as of now he has no car to drive down there and get around Atlanta with¬†so we’re raising funds so he can buy a car. Our goal is to raise $5,000 by May 25th.

You can help support this soon to be man of the cloth out by donating here at PayPal¬†and send your donation to our sister Cecilia’s account at¬†¬†She will transfer all donations directly to Charles.¬†¬†(Unfortunately, we no longer have a way to donate without having a PayPal account)

(Props to Zach for the photo!)

Please pray for my brother and all seminarians, deacons and priests! Thank you.

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Angelica Unfiltered – Episode 10.a

Angelica gives one of her ‘looks’ at ¬†Central Park, NYC – ¬†July 2011

¬†Ang-ism:¬†As part of our nighttime routine, I like to play a lullaby from my playlist and sing along while Angelica and I get ready for bed.¬† Sometimes my choices aren’t the most orthodox for bedtime.¬† For example, the other night I chose Sweet Child O’Mine by Guns N Roses, which earned one of Ang’s infamous “looks” along with the statement “There is something seriously wrong with you.”

When singing along, I also pretend to play various instruments.¬† Well, one night I was going from the air guitar to the air drums.¬† Angelica, who takes adaptive music lessons where she has been learning to play the drums and banjo, rolled her eyes and gave me the “look”.¬† “Your air instrumentals suck!” she groaned.

I agreed with her, but that didn’t stop my rather pitiful lullaby serenade, air instrumentals included!¬† Deep down, Ang knows she loves it!

 Angelica plays the banjo РFebruary 2012

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Angelica Unfiltered – Episode 9

All four girls in St. Paul, MN May 2009


Angelica has always had a special way of answering questions.¬†Long before her ‘yer mama’ response were two alternate answers that are still prevalent when asking questions.

Me: Have you seen the remote?
Ang: I think it ran away and joined the circus!
Me: Did you see where I put my purse?
Ang: Rusty ate it! (Rusty is our dog)
Me: Did you eat all the tamales?
Ang: Nope, they probably ran away and joined the circus!
Mom: I can’t find my phone!
Ang: Rusty ate it!
Dad: Have you seen your mom?
Ang: She ran away and joined the circus!

*Bonus Ang-ism: “Yer mama’s a circus!”

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Angelica Unfiltered – Episode 6

Angelica catching fish!


Angelica and I share a bedroom, and we spend a lot of time talking especially when we are getting ready for bed. Most of that time is spent laughing at/with each other, but once in a while I have to bring up topics that Angelica doesn’t want to talk about. As soon as I mention something, she’ll close her eyes, pretending that she suddenly fell asleep. It cracks me up every time, and I remind her that I know she’s really awake which usually makes her laugh too.

The other day we were in the living room. Ang was on the couch, curled up in a blanket to keep warm. I asked her to do something. Immediately, she pulled the blanket over her head because she didn’t want to hear what I was asking of her. “I know you’re there, Ang!” I said laughing.

“I’m not here,” she replied. “You can’t see me!”

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