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Is your phone calling? Or is it footballing?

I love that the Manning family has such a great sense of humor. I think this music video is absolutely HILARIOUS!!!

Football on your Phone – Manning Brother’s Music Video

A fun tease for the start of one of my favorite seasons… Football season! I can’t wait.

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Confusion in Allegiance??? My sports teams explained

I’m constantly asked from people on twitter, facebook, myspace and people in the real world why I root for Detroit Pro teams (Red Wings, Lions, Tigers & Pistons) yet when it comes to college teams I root for The Ohio State University & Notre Dame.

Well, there’s a very good explanation….

My dad and his family are from Ohio and most of his family still lives there. Many of our relatives have attended (including my grandfather) and even worked at OSU. So that’s why Ohio State is my #1 favorite NCAA team . I really do bleed Scarlet & Gray!

As for Notre Dame… I grew up two hours away from the school and it’s a school named after Our Lady! And I happen to be an Irish Catholic! While they have drifted from Catholic teachings I pray for them and still root for them. I love that they continue the tradition of the entire football team attending Mass the morning of every home game.

I have to mention my third favorite NCAA team which is Michigan State! I lived in East Lansing for about 6 years working and doing ministry for  University Christian Outreach on MSU campus.

As for the Detroit Pro teams… when I was 19 months old my parents moved from CA to Michigan and while my college football teams have ties to my family & religion, my pro teams are from what I consider to be my home state. I love all things Michigan… except for the University of Michigan as is the same as many of my Spartan friends!

I’m very passionate about sports and undeniably dedicated to my specific teams! I was raised to cheer for Detroit teams as well as Ohio State & The Big Ten teams during bowl season. Most of my siblings have the same allegiance to these teams. We didn’t pick them because of their colors or a player is cute.

These days it seems many people are anti labels. And while I think it’s wrong to deny someone something because of their label… I happen to looove my labels! It tells people who I am and I’m very proud of who I am!

I am a woman! I am Catholic! I am Latina! I am a Buckeye! An Irish! A Red Wing! a Lion! a Tiger! a Piston¬†(oh MY!) etc…

Anyway…. So that’s why my teams are who they are!

God is Sovereign!

~Rosario Rodriguez

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