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The Last Trial Hearing?

There is a court hearing today and hopefully it will be the last. After the defense changed her attorney  and received many continuance’s since December the judge finally plans to make a decision regarding the defenses motion for a new trial at today’s hearing. If the judge deny’s their motion for a new trial then the defendant will be sentenced today. Please pray that the judge deny’s their request for a new trial and that the defendant is sentenced justly. Above all, please pray that no matter what I will accept God’s Will in all of this.

Thank you to all of you who have supported me these past two years… especially in prayer! I couldn’t imagine going through this without all of you amazing prayer warriors! Words cannot express how truly grateful I am. Please know that I pray every day for all of you who are praying for me.

God is Sovereign!

~Rosario Rodriguez

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Christopher Closeup Podcast

My lastest and most in-depth interview to date is now online: Christopher Closeup Podcast with Tony Rossi.  Listen to the two full podcasts in which I share about surviving two attacks by violent criminals and how I’ve learned to forgive my assailants.  The first podcast contains details about the second attack (what went on in the ER, my spiritual journey through recovery, etc.) that haven’t been shared before.  In the second podcast, I talk about my family, faith and missionary work.

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Another Trial Update

Last Tuesday & Wednesday there were hearings where the defense is making their appeal for a new trial and the district attorney is objecting. The judge has asked the defense attorney and the DA to put together a memorandum of their reasons & objections to a new trial and then they will give their oral arguments at a hearing on Sept.2nd. Hopefully that won’t take too long! If not the judge will decided to accept or deny the defense’s appeal for a new trial. If the judge deny’s it then the defendant will be sentenced at that time.

Praying that this ends soon and that the defendant will be sentenced! Please continue to join me in praying for the conversion of the defendant that she may know the incredible Love, Mercy & Forgiveness of our Lord Jesus Christ!

God is Sovereign!

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Trial Update

There was another hearing today but the defense didn’t finish their appeal for a new trial so there will be another hearing tomorrow morning. I’m praying that tomorrow the appeal process will be wrapped up, that the judge will deny the defense their appeal for a new trial and that the defendant will be sentenced and Justice be served!

Please continue to pray for all involved. Especially for the conversion of the defendant… that she may know the incredible Love, Mercy & Forgiveness of Our Lord Jesus Christ!

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So much to post, so far behind!

There’s tons to blog about and update you on and I promise I will be posting soon! If you follow me on twitter and facebook I’m sure you’d like to hear the details of running in my first race since I was shot. Plus I have exciting news about my cousin Ronn (second n is silent 😉 ) who’s discerning with the Benedictine monks at St. Andrew’s Abbey. There’s also my 60 year old mom who just ran her first marathon!!! Incredible! No worries…. I’ll be posting all the fun and exciting details soon!

As for some serious news… the sentencing hearing is continued to June 6 where the defense will continue their request for a new trial. If their appeal is denied then the defendant will be sentenced. With the 2 year mark right around the corner I’m pretty anxious to move on and let justice be served. I’m asking for prayers for God’s peace that I can accept whatever His will is and whatever the outcome may be. Obviously I’m not a fan of going through the entire trial process and testifying to a jury trial all over again but if that’s what needs to happen then I’ll definitely do it.

I seriously have no idea how I could have gotten through all of this without your prayers and support! Know that I experience an incredible amount of God’s grace, peace and joy because of your prayers. And also know that I pray everyday for all those who are praying for me!

God is Sovereign!


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Justice Postponed

After waiting to hear what happened, I finally received news of the sentencing hearing yesterday. Here’s the update from the DA:

“The newly appointed defense attorney filed a “Motion for New Trial” yesterday. He is essentially claiming “Ineffective Assistance of Counsel” as his basis for the motion. So . . . the sentencing was continued to April 22 at which time he will argue the motion. He claims he will have a couple witnesses, including the defendant, testify at the hearing. We will file an opposition to the motion for new trial and cross examine any witnesses that may take the stand in that regard.”

I was hoping this update would bring good news and reason to celebrate. Instead, I’m feeling disappointed and am really struggling to believe that this trial is going to end soon. I just want to move on with my life, but am concerned that the defense is going to win the motion and I’ll have to go through the entire trial process again. I’m striving to cling to the words & scripture that Fr. Agustino CFR continually reminded me in our conversation yesterday: “Do NOT be afraid, TRUST & cover yourself in prayer!”

Thank you to all of you who have been praying so faithfully for me, my recovery, this trial and for the defendant. I don’t know how I would survive without the incredible love and grace that comes from all your prayers! Please pray that I can have peace and accept the outcome of yesterday’s hearing. And please continue to pray for the defendant that she may come to know the incredible love, mercy & forgiveness of our Lord Jesus Christ.


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Sentencing & Stuff

The sentencing hearing is scheduled for this Tuesday, March 22nd. This could be it: Rosario might finally have a sense of justice and closure. Of course the last two sentencing hearings did not go as expected, so please continue to pray for Rosario and all parties involved.

On one hand, Rosario is looking forward to the end of this legal chapter, but on the other hand she is apprehensive about what happens next and trying to figure out where her life goes from here. As I mentioned before, the past several weeks have been full of anxiety. Rosario is trying to take things one day at a time, and thankfully she has a small recovery goal to keep her mind off the nerve-wracking state of not knowing the next phase of God’s plan.

It’s actually a BIG recovery goal: Rosario is training for a 5k!!!!!! Training started last week and Rosario ran for the first time since she was shot over a year and a half ago! Milestones in her recovery are few and far between these days, but still exciting, emotional and well worth celebrating!! She is training under the watchful eye of our in-house running expert (aka Mom) and with the encouragement/approval of her physical therapist. Rosario reported nothing more than the chronic pain from her incision, other than the expected soreness that comes when one runs for the first time after a long absence. She has a ways to go before she can run a full 5k, but she will get there.

Again, please pray for the outcome of the sentencing hearing on Tuesday, the 22nd. I will let you know any news as soon as I hear it. Thank you for being steadfast with your prayers and support on this long journey!!

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