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6 years of carrying a bullet in my shoulder

This past Monday, June 29th, marked the sixth year anniversary of when I was shot. Past years I’ve gathered with family and friends to celebrate and thank God for the incredible miracles He performed that night. Some years I have a dinner or a party and I usually go Mass.

It’s amazing to think back to that night and the days following and see how far I’ve come thanks to the Grace of God and the many, many prayers from friends, family, and even strangers all over the world!

Words cannot even begin to describe how grateful I am to all those who’ve prayed for me, supported me, and have been by my side throughout these past six years as I stumbled my way to recovery. I’ve made mistakes and at times haven’t been the easiest patient. Through all of it, I’ve learned what true friendship looks like and am thankful to those who stuck by me and loved me during the darkest moments of my recovery.

The day I was released from the hospital

The day I was released from the hospital

Six years later I still have some incision pain from the surgery and little issues with swallowing every once in awhile. My energy level still isn’t what it used to be and I’m still pretty jumpy. But I’m incredibly grateful that for the most part I’m fully recovered. I’m also grateful for all the opportunities to share my story and reach out to others who are hurting more than I could possibly imagine.

For the past two years I’ve been speaking to gangsters with the LAPD at Operation Cease Fire and last year I addressed 300 prisoners. If you would have told me that I would be speaking to those who’ve hurt people the way I’ve been victimized I would have thought you were crazy! Yet, with the grace of God and many friends and family praying for me and for them I’ve been able to reach out to them. While I stand in front of them as a victim, I strive to share with them a message of healing and forgiveness.


I’m still on my journey of healing and living a life of love and forgiveness and I do that carrying a bullet in my right shoulder. My prayer is that what was meant for death can be used for life!


“The God of all grace who called you to His eternal glory through Christ Jesus will himself restore , confirm, strengthen , and establish you after you have suffered a little.” 1Peter 5:10

“Cast all your worries upon Him because He cares for you.” 1Peter 5:7

Speaking to prisoners of a high max security prison.

Speaking to prisoners at a high max security prison.

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Speaking to Prisoners

Happy Advent friends!

I was invited to speak in November at a California State Prison at an event hosted by the program Victim & Offender – HOPE: Helping Others’ Pain through Empathy. It was my first time speaking to prisoners. I was pretty nervous, but I knew that many friends and family were praying for me and that brought me the peace and strength I needed. It turned out to be an incredibly powerful experience.

The day before I was to speak at the prison, I met with my friend Brian, who had been a guard at the prison for many years before retiring shortly after the event. He shared with me the reality of prison life and the types of brutal and heinous crimes that many of these men committed (without sharing specific details, of course!). He also told me that many of the prisoners were repeat offenders who will spend the rest of their lives in prison.

On the day of the event, I was accompanied to the prison by Brian and my boyfriend, Sebastian, which helped me feel very protected and safe. Brian introduced me before I spoke to the over 300 prisoners who were in attendance. It was the most humbling and moving introduction I’ve ever heard. I was practically in tears as I walked up to the microphone. Thankfully, I was able to pull myself together. I even made a comment about not being a fan of podiums, much like the other speaker Dionne who spoke before me, whose husband was a police officer killed in the line of duty. Anyway, my comment had all the guys laughing which was a good start.

I went on to describe the pain, physical and emotional, that I have suffered from being victimized twice, as well as the impact both incidences had on my daily life and the lives of my family and friends. I told them how both times my survival was miraculous. I saw many heads nodding excitedly when I said that I was only alive because of divine intervention.

I also spoke to them about the message of forgiveness I shared in court with the woman who shot me. I extended forgiveness to them, telling them that it came from me as a victim and from God. As I was saying this, I saw many men with tears in their eyes. I also saw pain and brokenness through the men’s body language. I told them that I believe each one of them can experience healing with God’s love, mercy, and grace, which would lead to peace and joy.

When I was finished speaking, every single one of the prisoners jumped to their feet clapping with great enthusiasm. Several of them were even wiping tears! I saw vulnerability and hope in the men standing before me, which brought me so much joy! It was the longest standing ovation I’ve ever received. I was surprised and humbled by it. After they sat down, the MC took over. He encouraged them to thank me once again, and I received yet another standing ovation from all 300 prisoners.

There were a few others from different outreach programs who spoke after me. And when the event ended, Dionne and I received two more standing ovations from the prisoners. I was (and still am) incredibly humbled by their reaction to my story and my offer of forgiveness and healing.

After the event, we took a picture with the men who are in the victim awareness program. As everyone was getting situated for the photo, one of the men thanked me for giving them their humanity and dignity back. His words moved me to tears. It was a beautiful moment, and I was able to see how far I’ve come with my own healing to be able to stand in front of them and offer the gift of forgiveness and hope.

It’s important for me not to get caught up in the power and romance, so to speak, of the night and forget that there are very good reasons why these men are in prison. But I also realize, as a victim, that it is also important to remember that no matter how grave their crimes they too are men who are hurting deeply who need healing and salvation. This doesn’t excuse their crimes; they should still suffer the consequences of their actions by being in prison, but it was powerful and healing for me to realize that Christ loves them, that He would die for them.

I am honored that God chose to use me in the lives of these men. I have already been asked to return and speak to more men at this prison.

Please let me know if you would be interested in praying for me when I return to the prison (or join my intercessors group, Mantle of Roses, that prays for me every time I speak) because I know that I cannot do this without the power of prayer! I also ask that you join me in continuing to pray for these men that they may experience Christ’s love, mercy and healing.

With the prisoners, the other speaker Dionne (she's standing next to me), Brian (on the left) and those who help run the program and other programs at the prison.

With the prisoners, the other speaker Dionne (she’s standing next to me on my left), Brian (is on the far left) and those who help run the program and other programs at the prison.

The certificate that the prisoners made and presented to me after I spoke.

The certificate that the prisoners made and presented to me after I spoke.

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The summer Blog drought is over!

No, I haven’t forgotten about my blog. Life got a bit hectic this summer and sadly I neglected my blog while I focused on other things. But, not to worry…. I’M BACK with all sorts of exciting things happening to share with all of you! So get ready for more frequent blog posts! 😉

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Celebrating Justice!

I received an email from the District Attorney regarding Friday’s court hearing. They were there on the defense motion for a new trial, and he spent a considerable amount of time arguing the claims raised by the defense. Then the judge DENIED the motion for a new trial and the defendant was sentenced! She received Life + 30 years in state prison.


Praise God, it is over! Justice has been served!

Receiving this news brings great relief and closure. I’m so grateful to everyone who has worked on my case: the first responders, the police officers and detectives who worked tirelessly to find the woman who shot me and arrest her, and all the attorneys who have put in many hours to see this through. The attorney who presented my case at the preliminary hearing has continued to follow the case and even appeared at some of the trial hearings to support me. I have seen similar kindness from many others throughout this ordeal and am truly moved by it. I am grateful that God placed so many incredible people in my life to help me through such a difficult time.

I am grateful for the intercession of Our Lady of Guadalupe, St. Filomena, St. Antonio of Padua, Bl. Anacleto and Josh Gonder. I know the Lord heard their prayers on my behalf. And I am especially grateful to all of you who continued to follow my journey and unceasingly offered your prayers and encouragement. This is your celebration, too!

Please continue to pray for the woman who shot me, that she may come to know the incredible Love, Mercy and Forgiveness of our Lord Jesus Christ.

God is Sovereign! ~Rosario Rodriguez


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Another court hearing this Friday

There is another court hearing on Friday, June 1st. Once again, this is when the judge is supposed to make a decision to grant the defense a new trial or deny the request. If the judge denies  the request for a new trial, the defendant will also be sentenced at the hearing. This was supposed to happen a year and a half ago at the original sentencing hearing, and at many subsequent hearings. I gotta admit, I won’t be shocked if Friday’s hearing fails to produce a resolution, but I’m praying it does.

Please continue to join me in prayer for the woman who shot me in the chest and nearly killed me almost three years ago. Pray that a she may know the Love, Mercy and Forgiveness of Christ Jesus!

Thank you to everyone who’s been faithfully participating  in this journey with me through your prayers, support and friendship. I truly appreciate and pray for all of you!


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Doing it right – Update on the TRIAL

Here’s the update on the court hearing from last Friday. The District Attorney said that it has been… postponed. lol Surprise! Surprise! The reason being that the defense filed a memorandum a day or two before the hearing… something about what he contends is “the standard for which the court must review an IAC claim after an evidentiary hearing is held.” I’m not sure what that means but apparently the court is ordering transcripts of the evidentiary hearing so they can review specific testimony. Ordering the transcripts takes at least 30 days so the court set the hearing on the motion for a new trial/sentencing for June 1st. The district attorney encouraged me to hang in there and said “It’s typically best to make sure everything is done right on the upfront and avoid potential error that may be grounds for a reversal on appeal.”

While I’ve gotten used to not getting my hopes up I’m still disappointed that this trial has yet to end.

Thank you to all of you for hanging in there with with me! Your prayers and encouragement give me the grace, courage and patience to continue to wait and  hope that justice will be served. I ask that you please continue to pray for April, (the woman who shot me) that she may come to know the love, mercy and forgiveness of Christ Jesus.

God is Sovereign!

~Rosario Rodriguez

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Court Hearing

There’s another court hearing tomorrow, Friday, March 16th. Please pray (yet again) for a resolution! As soon as I hear how it went I will be sure to let you know. Mil Gracias!

God is Sovereign!

~Rosario Rodriguez


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Still No Resolution

I heard from the deputy district attorney and he said that the defense counsel was a no show at Friday’s hearing and called the court asking for a continuance to file his latest reason for a new trial. He has a new deadline (Feb. 23rd) as does the DA to respond to his file (March 1st) and a new court date for March 16th! So it continues!

Thanks for your continued prayers and support. Please hang in there with me!

God is Sovereign!

~Rosario Rodriguez

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Another Court Hearing

There is another court hearing Friday, February 3rd. I’m not sure if the judge will be making a decision on the defense’s request for a new trial since apparently they will be submitting yet another  motion for a new trial (on top of the 20 cases the defense already cited). I’ll keep you updated whenever I hear how it goes.

Please continue to pray for justice to be served and that I may experience closure soon. Also, continue to pray for the defendant and that she may come to know the incredible love, mercy and forgiveness of Christ Jesus.

Thank you for all of your prayers & support! I can’t imagine going through this process without all the graces that comes from your prayers!!!

God is Sovereign!


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And So It Continues…

I heard from the district attorney and the sentencing hearing was delayed AGAIN!  Because of the defense’s late filing of their motion and the district attorney being in another trial, the new date for the sentencing hearing is Dec. 9th.  This will hopefully allow the district attorney enough time to prepare a written response to the defense’s fifty page motion and allow the judge enough time to review the documents and make a decision.
I am frustrated that there was no resolution this week, but I do see an end in sight.. providing the judge denies the defense’s motion.  The deputy district attorney is also frustrated but hopeful.
Thank you for all of your prayers; they are greatly appreciated.  Please continue to pray for all involved, especially for the coversion of the defendant that she will come to know the incredible love, mercy and forgiveness of Christ.

God is Sovereign!

~Rosario Rodriguez


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